jollibee spicy fries

The Jollibee Crispy Fries review

Photo credits to Jollibee

As mention in my previous post, Jollibee is one of my go to fast-food chain.

Jollibee Super Meals

Jollibee ‘Jolly Spaghetti’ and ‘Yum Burger’ are two of my favorite meals from Jollibee.

Now our friendly bee recently introduce a new meals on its menu,

  • Bacon Cheesy Yum Burger
  • Bacon Cheesy Deluxe Yum Burger
  • Crispy Spicey Fries

I was eager to try it out during its first launch back in September of this year, however, due to my unexpected schedule changes I just cant find the right time to visit Jollibee.

Don’t get me wrong, Jollibee inst hard to find here in metro-manila, you can find a Jollibee branch almost in every corner of the street or inside the nearest shopping malls such as SM Malls and Robinsons Malls.


Until recently that my closest friend from work decided to drop by and take a bite in the nearest Jollibee before heading home, Light Mall residences – Jollibee Branch.

My usual order would always include my favorite Jollibee Spaghetti,


While Jay’s Jollibee Chicken Joy with extra rice,

Also its the best time to try the newest addition to the Jollibee menu,

The Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries,


The Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries is available in regular size for 49 pesos and large for 69 pesos.

I ordered the Large Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries,


Now here comes the verdict,


I’ll give Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries 5/5 star rating, Kudos to the crew of Jollibee Light Mall Residences for always serving a crispy spicy fries.

I got the freshly cooked and hot Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries that day.


I’ll give Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries 3/5 star rating, my tolerance when it comes to spicy food is really high.

I’m a spicy food lover and I have to say that the Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries is not that spicy, I guess for me.

I’d say that it has that touch of a spicy level, just a little bit of spicy on each fries.

Overall the Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries is a good addition to our favorite Jollibee meals, if you are looking for a little bit of a kick on your Jollibee French Fries then I suggest that you upgrade it to Jollibee Crispy Spicy Fries.

Note: this is not a paid review of Jollibee, nor I’m connected to Jollibee Food Corporation. Just simply trying it out and sharing my experience to you.¬†


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