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Jedi Consular

The Jedi Consular successfully save all the Jedi Masters that were infected by the illness using her shielding technique,

Now the Jedi Consular faces a new challenges as darkness unfold and threatens the Republic.

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The on-going battle with the Empire continues and threatens other worlds, several planets decided to break from the Republic resulting to the impending defeat of the Republic and its forces as it continues to loose allies, while the Empire continues to enslave other worlds.

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The Jedi Council assigned the Jedi Consular to act as needed in order to save the other worlds and gather allies,

With the approval of the Supreme Chancellor the Jedi Consular act as representative of the Republic to address the issues and needs of the Rift Alliance.

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The Jedi Consular travels to Fortitude to negotiate with the representatives of the Rift Alliance, only to find out that the entire ship is held hostage by the Empire.

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The Jedi Consular discovered a young force sensitive Nadia Grell and her father a member of the Rift Alliance Senator Grell.

Together Nadia and the Jedi Consular were able to defeat the Sith and rescue the other senators and representative of the Rift Alliance.

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On board her ship the Jedi Consular listens to each representative of the Rift Alliance.

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Cut-scenes from the Rift Alliance Story Line – Jedi Consular

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