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The Rift Alliance

The Jedi Consular successfully rescued the representative of Rift Alliance, aboard her ship they informed the Jedi Consular of their plans for the alliance.

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With the Republic out of balance and loosing its allies in other worlds, the Jedi Consular representing the Republic in Rift Alliance must prove her self and the Republic to win their trust.

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With Tai Cordan as the only surviving leader of the Balmorran Government the Jedi Consular must now travel to Balmorra to free the planet from the Empire’s occupation.

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The Jedi Consular arrived in Balmorra in search of a secret ally that will help Tai and the Jedi Consular retake Balmorra,

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The Jedi Consular seek the assistance of a revolutionary leader name Zenith.

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Zenith does not trust the Jedi Consular and the previous Balmorran Government who is now in exiled.

The Jedi Consular is to take down a Sith and an Imperial

soldier to help Zenith in his mission.

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After dealing with the Imperial Soldier, Zenith agreed to meet with Tai and discuss their terms.

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Zenith agreed to help Tai and the Jedi Consular, their mission to is to free the citizens of Balmorra.

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With the President of Balmorra captured by the Sith, the Jedi Consular and Zenith musr find a way to ensure that Tai is recognize as a new President for Balmorra.

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The Jedi Consular faced the Sith to rescue the President of Balmorra, only to find out that he was tortured.

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The Sith was now an acting Vice-President and defeating her is vital for Tai and the citizen of Balmorra to be free from the Empires hand.

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With Zenith’s help the Jedi Consular emerged victorious in fighting the Sith.

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The President was rescued, however, his mind was broken. He was tortured by the Sith.

The Jedi Consular tried to heal his mind and shield him from the corruption of the Sith, but its too late already.

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Because of the condition of the President, the citizen of Balmorra voted for Tai to be their new leader.

bandicam 2019-10-28 04-36-21-707

Tai leaves the ship as the new President of Balmorra and appointing Zenith and liaison for the Rift Alliance.

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