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Jedi Consular and the Rift Alliance

After the success of the Rift Alliance in freeing Balmorra, Senator Grell mention an advanced facility that the Rift Alliance has commission in the poison planet of Quesh.

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The Jedi Consular travels to Quesh, the facility has become offline, several Sith and Imperil army were seen near the facility.

Nadia offers to assist the Jedi Consular on her mission despite that of her fathers disapproval.

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With Nadia assisting the Jedi Consular they were able to reach the facility and found out that it has been over-run by Sith and Imperial army.

The Jedi Consular for the first time saw Nadia uses the force, though, unbalance and new to it, Nadia shows her potential.

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The Jedi Consular tells Nadia the difference of the Jedi and the Sith.

As Nadia saw the dead scientist in the facility she becomes emotional, the Jedi Consular reminded her to stay focus.

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With Nadia helping the Jedi Consular, they were able to defeat the Sith that attacked the facility.


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The Jedi Consular returns to the ship and Senator Grell informs the Jedi Consular of his plan for his daughter.

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