Happy 8th anniversary STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC.

Looking back when I first login to Star Wars The Old Republic the first faction that  I chose was the Empire.

For some reason I understand the goal of the Empire, please don’t judge. The peace and order was there and with all honesty I think that the Empire just want to share its knowledge and resources with the entire Galaxy.

Looking at it, its not that bad at all, anyway 8 years of playing this game. For me its more than just a game, it has become part of my life style, my escape to the busy and toxic life.

Playing Star Wars The Old Republic made my entire weekend complete.

Here are some screenshots from my Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy wishing everyone from the Star Wars The Old Republic, EA, & Bioware team a happy anniversary.

bandicam 2019-10-28 04-22-41-461

Jedi Consular

bandicam 2019-10-28 01-30-53-415

Republic Trooper

bandicam 2019-09-02 22-13-22-472

Sith Warrior

bandicam 2018-10-20 03-52-07-914


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