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Jedi Knight – Sentinel

This post contains screenshot and videos of the Jedi Knight Sentinel story line.


The Jedi Knight story line starts in Tython, like Jedi Consular. Tython is home to Jedi Knights and Jedi Consular, the prominent force users of the Republic.

The Jedi Temple in Tython houses the Jedi Council that manages all affairs of the Jedi’s, from training a padawan up to securing the Republic.

The Jedi Training Grounds:


Arriving in Tython Jedi Master Weller greets the young padawan. Jedi Master Weller was interrupted by an emergency holo call. Flesh raiders started an attack in the Jedi Training Grounds.

Jedi Master Weller ordered the young padawan to help defend the Jedi Training Grounds.

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Jedi Training Grounds

While helping the other young padawan Jedi Master Weller contacted the young padawan, he ordered the young padawan to seal a tunnel which seems to be the source of the Flesh Raiders.

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Flesh Raider Tunnel

Inside the Flesh Raider Tunnel the young padawan discover a person name Callef.

Callef is a force sensitive and he is helping the Flesh Raiders. After defeating Callef Jedi Master Orgus Din arrived in the scene.

Jedi Master Orgus Din ordered the young padawan to report to the Jedi Council inside the Jedi Temple.

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Jedi Temple:

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The Jedi Temple

Upon her arrival in the Jedi Temple, Jedi Master Satele Shan called the young padawan.

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Meeting Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan

Grand Master Satele Shan meet the young padawan discussing the Jedi Code and importance of being calmed whenever engaging the enemy.

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Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan

Reporting to the Jedi Council, Jedi Master Orgus Din takes the young padawan as his padawan learner.

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The Jedi Council 

While the council discuss the impending threats to the Jedi Temple and the order.

Jedi Master Orgus Din order his new padawan learner to visit a village near the Jedi Temple.

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Jedi Master Kiwiiks and her padawan Kira Carsen



The Kalikori Village 

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The young padawan was task by Jedi Master Orgos Din to visit the Kalikori village and investigate.

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The young padawan arrived in Kalikori village, during her meeting with the Matriarch she learned the struggles that the village is facing.

swtor 24-12-2019 3-10-45 PM-7 From the information shared by the Twile’ks, the young padawan found the cave where where a stash of  weapons are stored.

Convinced that the weapon could help the village defend them self with the attacks of the Flesh Raider the young padawan decided to give it to them. She also found a droid who was lock in the vault along with the weapons.

swtor 24-12-2019 3-21-08 PM-234The young padawan continued to help the Twile’ks of the Kalikori village, she discovered a cave tunnels with force sensitive Flesh Raiders.

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Fighting one of the leader of the force sentisive flesh raiders who are camp near the Jedi Temple the padawan learned that the flesh raiders are being trained by a mystery man with the help of an Jedi relic.

swtor 24-12-2019 3-25-06 PM-675 Jedi Master Kiwiiks and her padawan Kira Carsen arrived just in time with some news from Jedi Master Satele Shan.

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Reporting back to Jedi Master Orgos Din, the young padawan learned that the mystery man was the former padawan of Jedi Master Orgos Din.



The Former Padawan

Bengel Morr was presumed dead after the fall of the Coruscant, now he resurface with a vengeance.

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Off on a different mission the padawan return to Kalikori village only to fall on to a trap by Bengel Morr.




The Betrayal of the New Matriarch 

The new matriarch of the village betrayed the padawan and Jedi Master Orgos Din.

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With T7 assistance the young padawan located Bengel Morr and her master.

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Both padawan are off to a face-off,

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After the confrontation, the young padawan emerged victorious against Bengel Morr.

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Jedi Master Orgos Din congratulated his padawan and permitted her to craft her own light-saber in the Forge.

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Reporting back to the Jedi Council the Jedi Masters have acknowledge the accomplishment and the assistance of the young padawan.

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Granting her a title Jedi Knight of the Republic.

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