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The Year 2020 came with a sad news to all Jollibee lovers out there,

Jollibee Champ Burger is soon not be available anymore.

I have been a fan and patronize Jollibee, I know its not a healthy lifestyle and that is something I have to admit.

but there is something about the Jollibee food that makes it totally special, in my previous post, 


I featured the Jollibee Crispy Fries, one of the newest addition to the line of affordable meals that Jollibee is offering, away from the traditional Jollibee french fries you can enjoy a touch of spicy in your fries with Jollibee Crispy Fries.

Aside from that there is the Jollibee spaghetti, which is for me is one of the most delicious pinoy style spaghetti.

Now when it comes to burgers, Jollibee is known for its “langhap sarap” Jollibee Yum Burger and the Jollibee Champ Burger.

Photo by Jollibee

Sadly Jollibee Food Corporation have recently announced that they are phasing out the Jollibee Champ Burger – Jollibee made the announcement last January 2 of 2020.

while Jollibee still offers other line up of Jollibee burgers, we will definitely going to miss the Jollibee Champ Burger.





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