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The Bounty Hunter


The Bounty Hunter story line started in the planet controlled by the Hutts. Hutta is where the Bounty Hunter meet up his team who will help him make it to the Great Hunt.

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The Great Hunt is a tournament held by the Mandalorians to determine the greatest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.

The goal of the Great Hunt is simple, each Bounty Hunter is assigned a target either a high kill profile or a well defended target, on top of it the Bounty Hunter must also compete with other Bounty Hunter who are also assigned on the same target.

The Team of the Bounty Hunter in Hutta consist of Braden, Jory and Mako.

The Team is trying to get the sponsorship of the local crime war lord Nemro the Hutt,


In order to get the sponsorship, the Bounty Hunter went on several kill targets to get the attention of Nemro the Hutt.

With Mako’s help the Bounty Hunter located several targets and manage to gain an audience with Nemro the Hutt.

swtor 14-01-2020 10-50-09 AM-878 Nemro the Hutt ordered the Bounty Hunter to kill some targets for him before he agree to provide sponsorship for the Bounty Hunter.

With fame and glory at stake a member of the Mandalorian named Tarro Blood felt threaten with the skills of the Bounty Hunter. To ensure his victory with the Great Hunt he ordered to kill the team members of the Bounty Hunter.

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Mako and the Bounty Hunter arrived in their based camp and found the dead bodies of Braden and Jory.

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Mako a young and talented slicer discovered the killers, together she and the Bounty Hunter promise to avenge the dead of their fallen team mates.

The Bounty Hunter and Mako continue killing the targets assigned by Nemro the Hutt in order to gain his sponsorship.

Nemro the Hutt continues to provide kill targets for the Bounty Hunter and paying him for his services,

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Juda, Nemro’s assistance paying the Bounty Hunter for his services

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Dealing with Nemro the Hutt was not as easy as it seems, Nemro plotted to have the Bounty Hunter kill.

Collaborating with the Beast Master of his palace, Nemro had the Bounty Hunter and the Beast Master on a duel, the winner earns credit and Nemro’s sponsorship in the Great Hunt.

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The Bounty Hunter proven his skills and emerged victorious in the battle, claiming the credits as Nemro mention.

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Complications arise as Nemro had already given the sponsorship to another Bounty Hunter,

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Mako identified the current owner of Nemro’s sponsorship and will be the final target of the Bounty Hunter in order for him to make it to the Great Hunt.

With the sponship in their hands, The Bounty Hunter and Mako travels to Dromund Kaas to enter the Great Hunt.


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