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Heroic Missions

Since January of this year I’m unable to purchase any cartel coins for unknown reason, now do take note that I had purchased cartel coins in the past and I used those to unlock certain items or skill in some of my character.

As I mention in my other post about Star Wars The Old Republic, I’m currently one of those called Preferred Player.

Now due to my inability to purchase cartel coins, I’m currently working and grinding on some Heroic Missions.

Heroic Missions in Star Wars The Old Republic is another good way to earn credits and some cool items like an armor or weapons via loot crate.

There is a Heroic Mission terminal in the Republic Fleet, through the Heroic Terminal you will be able to choose a particular Heroic Mission and travel to its designated location.

swtor 24-02-2020 7-43-41 AM-366

So to begin my grinding of credits which I will be using for a particular project that I’m working on, I started with Heroic Missions that I know my character can perform.

Lets start with the Alderaan Heroic Missions:

Note that Heroic Missions are meant to be played in a group, these Heroic Missions are playable in Solo mode with your character companion.


Lieutenant Obatt has tasked you with protecting one of his field operatives while he dismantles one of the Ulgo sensors in the area. Infiltrate the Ulgo Recon Camp and use the sensor tower to signal the operative when you’re ready. 

special delivery

By accepting the Heroic Mission you can now travel to the exact location,

special delivery map

The goal of the mission is to signal the Organa field operative, protect him while he dismantle the sensor and as added bonus on the mission you have to get rid of 20 Ulgo Specforces.


You received information from a message board at House Organa indicating House Thul may be allied with the Empire. You have been asked to investigate an Imperial probe droid that crashed outside House Organa. 

proof of treason

You can quick travel to the exact mission location by clicking the travel icon next to the mission objective.

swtor 24-02-2020 7-44-02 AM-131

The goal of the mission is to investigate an Imperial Probe droid, recover its chip and defeat any Imperial of Thul recovery team.


SIS Agent Essor has asked you to recover data spikes important to the Republic’s efforts on Alderaan. The agent carrying them was abducted by KILIKS on his way back. The agent is likely lost, but the data spikes may still be intact. 

into the kilks

The goal of the mission is to recover 8 data spikes and at the same time kill as many KILIKS you can.

swtor 24-02-2020 7-50-42 AM-358


Dolin Organa has warned of an impending Kilik invasion threatening the region known as King’s Pass. The Kiliks have already overrun the nearby abandoned estate of House Syrush, and they will reach the Wardpost soon unless something is done to stop them. 

Thin numbers of Kiliks laying siege around the abandoned Syrush estate in King’s Pass, and collapse their burrows to prevent them from summoning reinforcements. 


Elz Organa is on a crusade to free Organa citizens captured by Kiliks at the abandoned Syrush estate. If you can defeat the Kiliks holding the Organa citizens hostage, Elz will make sure they get to safety. 

To free the Organa captives, defeat the Kiliks Siege Forces surrounding them at the Farmsteads near the abandoned Syrush estate in King’s Pass.

Both the “SURVIVORS” & “TURNING THE TIDE” can be completed at the same time since they are located on the same map.


Jedi Sage Telekinetic Throw

So after completing each Heroic Mission, you earn and get to choose a particular reward crates.

Each crates contain a decent armor for your character, here are the ones that I got from completing these Heroic Missions.



correlian force lords headgear mk2

Corellian Force-Lord’s Headgear MK-2



Robe, Gloves, Belt & Cuffs

  • Corellian Force-Lord’s Robe MK-2
  • Corellian Force-Lord’s Gloves MK-2
  • Corellian Force-Lord’s Belt MK-2
  • orellian Force-Lord’s Cuffs MK-2

swtor 24-02-2020 8-21-14 AM-957swtor 24-02-2020 8-21-34 AM-403swtor 24-02-2020 8-21-43 AM-393


[Updated 03/02/2020]

Here is the Cystalline Force-Lord’s Armor set that I got for doing this weekly heroic mission in Alderaan,


Here is a preview of the armor,

swtor 01-03-2020 4-34-36 PM-305swtor 01-03-2020 4-34-55 PM-10




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