I was surprised when I login today and got this notification from WordPress.

That long already, looking back when I first registered in WordPress

I was in school back then when I first learn about WordPress, one of my professors invited someone to talk about social media,

Blogger or Blogspot and WordPress were both introduced to us, at the end of the discussion we were encouraged to try blogging in those social media platform.

When I arrived home I registered both WordPress and Blogspot and tried creating a blog.

Fast forward I stayed with WordPress, I like how the community respond and support new bloggers like myself.

Last 2015 when I first created by personal Blog in WordPress, that give birth to this space.


Here I share my thoughts about the places that I have visited, share the stories and quest of my favorite playable characters in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Events: World of DC

Events: Geek Culture Gadget Fair

Events: Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2015

I still remember these 3 events that I attended back in 2015 right after I created my blog, its fun and having them here helps preserve the memories,

Thank you, WordPress for the support,


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