swtor 28-03-2020 11-55-43 PM-741
Sith Warrior

After a week of farming for credits, I’ve finally decided that its time for my Sith Warrior to move on with her storyline, Shadow of Revan.


To this date, my Sith Warrior will just be the 2nd character that I have that will move on to the Shadow of Revan storyline right after completing their Class Story or Class Mission.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-00-24 AM-709
Meeting with Darth Arkous and Lana Beniko

Shadow of Revan becomes available for all players that have completed their Class Mission Story line, it follows right after the story line of the “Rise of The Hutt Cartel”

swtor 29-03-2020 1-00-46 AM-173
Darth Arkous and Lana Beniko

A meeting with Darth Arkous and his apprentice Lana Beniko is set after speaking to astromech droid A7-M1 in the Imperial Fleet.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-01-19 AM-71
Darth Arkous

Darth Arkous informs the Sith Warrior of his brilliant plan to strike fear in the heart of Republic by attacking the home planet of the Jedi, Tython.

Surprisingly enough his very reliable source has found a weakness in the planetary defense of Tython, just enough to launch an attack in Tython.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-03-29 AM-51
Lana Beniko

Lana Beniko will be providing support once the Sith Warrior reach Tython,

swtor 29-03-2020 1-04-21 AM-176
Lord Goh

During the meeting Lord Goh does not speak or participate in the discussion, however, he does play a vital role once the attack in the Jedi Temple is successful.


jedi temple
Assault in the Jedi Temple

Arriving in Tython, the Sith Warrior launch and attack in the Jedi Temple.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-08-08 AM-415
Arriving in Tython

Before the Imperial ground forces could land the Sith Warrior must disable and defeat the Tython’s resistance forces.

Followed by hitting the Jedi Temple and disabling the security systems, force field and back up generator of the temple.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-36-49 AM-392
Entering the Jedi Temple

Surprisingly the members of the Jedi Council are not present in the Jedi Temple, the resistance is composed of Jedi Temple Security battle droids and a mob of Jedi Padawan’s.

There are few Jedi Knights but nothing that the Sith Warrior who is also known as the Wrath of the Emperor can handle.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-37-00 AM-271
Wrath of the Emperor

In one of the chambers inside the Jedi Temple, Jedi Master Oric guards to protect the Temple from any intruder.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-41-46 AM-242
Approaching the Jedi Master
swtor 29-03-2020 1-41-48 AM-194
Jedi Master Oric

Jedi Master Oric Traless is one of the powerful Jedi Master left to guard the Jedi Temple during the assault.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-42-00 AM-719
Jedi Master Oric Traless

Facing off Jedi Master Oric Traless is not going to be easy, take note of the following during the battle, 

  • Jedi Master Oric’s powerful attack is his area of effect, make sure to keep a distance 
  • Notice that before the attacks, he is charging from the datacrons around the area so try to destroy them to weaken him. 

Now if you fail to destroy the datacrons where he charges his force what you can do is make sure to move a lot, be mobile, avoid staying in once location. The key is to avoid the falling debris or his rock throw attack which eventually could kill you.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-42-09 AM-601
Facing Jedi Master Oric Traless
swtor 29-03-2020 1-42-21 AM-968
Sith Warrior

The fall of Jedi Master Oric is the signal of the success of the Imperial forces, Lana Beniko will notify the Sith Warrior of the development.

Imperial ground forces make their final attack and captured weakened Jedi Padawan’s

swtor 29-03-2020 1-56-50 AM-11
Lana Beniko contacting the Sith Warrior
swtor 29-03-2020 1-57-09 AM-769
Imperial Military Forces
swtor 29-03-2020 1-57-32 AM-741
The fate of the captured Jedi Padawan’s

Lana Beniko congratulates the Sith Warrior for her success and advises her to return to the ship, meanwhile, Lord Goh stays behind to search and retrieve whatever Darth Arkous orders him to do so.


Shortly after the success of the Assualt in Tython, Lana Beniko and Darth Arkous received a piece of the terrible news that the home of the Sith, Korriban is under assault by the Republic.

Now if you have completed the storyline of SHADOW OF REVAN on the Republic side faction, do not be surprised that the storyline is somehow related or similar. 

That’s one of the things that I notice when I was doing the Shadow of Revan with the Sith Warrior since I have completed the storyline with the Trooper Class for the Republic side somehow you already have an idea of what’s going to have next.  

I have to say that somehow along the way while I was doing the SHADOW OF REVAN storyline for the Sith Warrior I lost a bit of interest, I was hoping for a different stage for the Empire side. 

Arriving on the home planet of the Sith, Korriban. The Sith Warrior was to decide the fate of the captured and wounded Sith apprentices. At this point, you can earn either a light side or dark side points depending on what your decision will be.

swtor 29-03-2020 1-59-34 PM-713
Commander Jensyn

Commander Jensyn approaches the Sith Warrior as she tries to re-capture Korriban from the Republic.

Commander Jensyn defending the last hold of Republi over Korriban,

swtor 29-03-2020 2-00-06 PM-912
Commander Jensyn vs The Sith Warrior

The Fall of Commander Jensyn,

Commander Jensysn will fight for his life defending what he believes in.

swtor 29-03-2020 2-02-46 PM-654
The fall of Commander Jensyn

I actually feel pity for Commander Jensysn, sad that he needs to die, I’m not sure though if he knows that he is not fighting for the Republic instead for the Revanites. 

For the Republic Faction Story Line of Shadow of Revan you can check my previous post 


swtor 21-03-2020 12-30-39 AM-244
Republic Trooper Commando




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