Welcome to the last day of 30 Day Speed test challenge for CONVERGE ICT vs PLDT SMART

Over the last 30 days, I’ve conducted a speed test challenge for CONVERGE ICT vs PLDT SMART.

The purpose of the speed test challenge was to test the reliability and the speed of CONVERGE ICT compared to PLDT SMART.

As I have recently switch internet service providers which is now CONVERGE ICT I wanted to check the kind of service that they are providing to their customer. As I have mentioned before, I did not receive any payment from CONVERGE ICT for doing this speed test challenge.

We were a long customer of PLDT SMART, and over the years I have to say that their service was good until recently we have started to encounter challenges, and this prompted us to switch to another service provider.


CONVERGEĀ  ICT is one of the newest providers for home internet service in the Philippines.

They offer various internet service plans, as seen on the banner of this post, we have signed up for 1500 for a 25Mbps connection.

For the 30th day, the last day of this speed test challenge here is the speed test result.


After doing this 30-day speed test challenge, I can say that CONVERGE ICT was able to provide us a good quality service over the last 30 days. During this speed test challenge, there was only one instance that the speed test fails and was below the expected result.

While the speed test result would vary depending on your location, I hope that this post and speed test challenge will help other customers like me who are looking to switch to CONVERGE ICT. I hope that this can help you with your decision.

In case you missed the reason as to why I started this challenge you can view my previous post,

In this regard, I’m now closing this speed test challenge with the conclusion that CONVERGE ICT was able to provide a good quality service for a very affordable plan of 1500 for 25Mbps.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’m torn between pldt and converge. I’ve seen also people complaining about how they can’t contact converge.. also people paid for the fee but it’s been 2 mos now wala pa rin daw nagiinstall. When did you apply and how many days after you’ve made ur payment before they install the internet? Are you in san juan city area? Thanks šŸ™‚


    1. Hi,
      Thank you for leaving a comment, apologies for the late response, I’m currently working from home and have not able to visit my blog for a couple of days now.

      to answer your question I’d like to refer to my first post about converge, you can find the link here: http://eatworkplaygo.com/2020/02/28/speedtest-converge-ict-vs-pldt-smart-day-1/

      Also, I’m not paid by converge or by any advertising company to promote them, all of this is my way of sharing my experience from Converge.

      I applied for converge Feb, 24, 2020. The technician completed the installation Feb 27, 2020 based on my first post. Since Feb 27, 2020 I’ve only experience one instance of issue, June 9, 2020 when I reported LOS issue to converge. It took them a week to fix the issue, but we also have to consider that June is a challenging month, we are in a pandemic, I’m sure converge does not have the same resources like other giant isp company out there.

      By the way aside from myself there were other 8 household who reported the same issue on that day, so all in all from our street there were 9 including myself that doesnt have internet connection.

      We have been a customer of PLDT since I was in college, and I could not remember any instance of when PLDT gave us any compensation whenever we report a problem. There was even a time when it took 1 month before they could fix the issue and yet they denied to refund our payment for that month despite of speaking to several supervisors.

      anyway I hope this could help you decide. have a great day.

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