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Sith Warrior 

The Shadow of Revan continues…

After the successful mission of the Sith Warrior on both Tython and Korriban something still doesn’t add up,

While Darth Arkous seem a bit strange when the Sith tries to uncover something,  While Lana Beniko notices that the Sith Warrior – The Wrath of the Emperor has some questions that need some answer.

Lana Beniko set a secret meeting with the Wrath of the Emperor to discuss very important matters.

Lana Beniko informs the Sith Warrior of the possible threat to the Empire and the involvement of Darth Arkous along with the group of fanatics called the Revanites.

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Sith Warrior and Lana Beniko


The Sith Warrior travels to Manaan to further investigate the situation.

swtor 29-03-2020 2-17-04 PM-725
Arriving in Manaan

In Manaan, Lana Beniko informs the Sith of an underground laboratory where Darth Arkous was sighted and possibly a high ranking official from the Republic as well.

swtor 29-03-2020 2-27-06 PM-626
Sith Warrior – Manaan Laboratory 

The Sith Warrior then travels to the laboratory to investigate the situation, there she finds the most unlikely creature that will be her ally and friend.


swtor 29-03-2020 2-27-08 PM-403

Jakarro was a smuggler doing a job, he was delivering an important cargo in Manaan. The Smuggler was betrayed by his employer and imprison for questioning.


swtor 29-03-2020 2-27-15 PM-432
The Sith Warrior and Jakarro

The Sith Warrior agreed to release Jakarro and his droid from imprisonment, together they discover the experiment that is happening in the laboratory.

swtor 29-03-2020 2-39-52 PM-480

The scientist Gorima was working on some experiment, he was creating an advanced and powerful army for the Revanites.

Using the Rakata artifact that was taken from Jedi Temple and Sith Academy.


swtor 29-03-2020 2-41-38 PM-499
Meeting Darth Arkous and his accomplice 

Darth Arkous briefly introduce himself and their objective, soon their army will be able to match the combine forces of the Empire and the Republic.


swtor 29-03-2020 2-41-26 PM-136
Colonel Darok and Darth Arkous

While their goal was to create an army, they will not let the Sith Warrior – the Wrath of the Emperor to survive.

swtor 29-03-2020 2-42-14 PM-127

Just right after Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok left the laboratory they release a bomb enough to destroy whatever evidence the Sith Warrior has found.

Luckily enough the Sith Warrior was able to defeat the super-powered soldier and she was assisted by another unlikely fellow.

swtor 29-03-2020 2-51-42 PM-38
Meeting Theran Shan

The Sith Warrior was assisted by a member of the Republic SIS, Theran Shan.


swtor 29-03-2020 2-51-36 PM-91
Theran Shan and Lana Beniko

Back to Manaan, Theran Shan and Lana Beniko inform the Sith Warrior – the Wrath of the Emperor about what they have discovered.


You will find a similarity to the storyline of the Empire faction and Republic, 

You can also check my previous post for reference, 




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