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While the Outlander [Commando] is frozen in carbonite and having a one on one talk with the Eternal Emperor, a group of unlikely individual is set to rescue her.

This post contains spoiler from KNIGHTS OF THE FALLEN EMPIRE: CHAPTER  3: OUTLANDER

Lana Beniko stages a daring rescue mission to free the Outlander [Commando] from her carbonite prison cell in the heart of the Eternal Empire, Zakuul.

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Lana Beniko

5 years after the death of Darth Marr and the capture of the Outlander [Commando], Lana Beniko set her mind to rescue the Outlander [Commando].

It’s not an easy mission, to begin with since the Outlander [Commando] is frozen in carbonite in Zakuul.

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Waking up after 5 years, the Outlander [Commando] has no idea as to the whereabouts of her own crew.

Rescued by Lana and with the help of a very handy astromech droid T7 they were able to find their way out of the carbonite prison.

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While Lana and T7 help the Outlander [Commando] in escaping the prison, Koth arrives to pick them up.

Sounds easy enough, however, things get more complicated with Vaylin behind them.

One by one the Outlander [Commando] recognizes her rescuer, not the type of crew she would expect.

Coming from different factions. having different beliefs on top of it they were able to show the Eternal Empire that they are not someone to fear.

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A whole new crew

Koth, HK-55, and Lana Beniko join forces to rescue the Outlander [Commando]

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