swtor 01-04-2020 2-40-33 AM-863
Knights of the Fallen Empire

Leaving the Endless swamps and defeating the blockade of Eternal Fleet the crew set course for the Asylum.


swtor 03-04-2020 7-56-42 AM-936

The Gravestone arrives in Asylum, a spaceport far from the reach of Arcann and his Eternal Fleet


swtor 03-04-2020 7-57-00 AM-236

With their recent encounter with Arcann and his Eternal Fleet, the Gravestone is barely holding and required intensive repair.

The Hyperdrive is not functional and the Omni Cannon is no longer working as well, if the crew is to face the Eternal Fleet again the Gravestone needs to be in a better condition.

swtor 03-04-2020 7-58-02 AM-13

The Outlander [Commando] was hesitant in landing in Asylum, trust is a very hard commodity these days.

Koth assured the Outlander [Commando] that the Asylum is safe from Arcann’s forces.

swtor 03-04-2020 7-58-21 AM-459

With confidence, Koth introduces his crew to the Outlander [Commando]

Each crew with their field of specialty, one crew, in particular, stands out of the crowd.

swtor 03-04-2020 7-59-37 AM-351

Ralo one of the soldiers aboard Darth Marr flagship when the Eternal Fleet.

swtor 31-03-2020 1-09-00 AM-25

Ralo expresses his disappointment and anger to the Outlander [Commando], and at some point blames the Outlander [Commando] for the death of many soldiers that day.

swtor 03-04-2020 8-00-34 AM-614

Tora, one of the engineers of Koth seems to be running late from her dealings in the black market.

Koth seek the assistance of the Outlander [Commando] to take care of it and HK-55 offered his assistance to accompany the Outlander [Commando]

swtor 03-04-2020 8-16-42 AM-614

Tora was having a misunderstanding with the leader of a certain group in the black market of Asylum.

swtor 03-04-2020 8-18-25 AM-452

Meeting Tanno Vik

Surprisingly enough the leader of the gang is an old crew of the Outlander [Commando] Tanno Vik.

I was happy to see Tanno Vik alive, at this point I still have no clue as to the whereabouts of my crew and how do I get them back again or if ever they will be joining my crew again. 


swtor 03-04-2020 8-21-42 AM-123

After dealing with Tanno Vik and his new gang the Outlander [Commando] accompanied by HK-55 set to meet Senya and her people.


swtor 03-04-2020 8-21-59 AM-353

Senya set a meeting with the Scion.

The Scion, a group of powerful force users will decide weather they will support the Outlander [Commando] or not.

In order to win the Scion on her side, the Outlander [Commando] must pass the trials set by the Scion.

swtor 03-04-2020 8-37-08 AM-141

Heskal the leader of the Scion face the Outlander [Commando] to test her skills and to see what her destiny will be.


swtor 03-04-2020 8-40-39 AM-528

With Senya on her side the Outlander [Commando] prove herself to the Scion, passing their trials.

Now the Scion decides weather they will follow the Outlander [Commando] or not.

swtor 03-04-2020 8-41-10 AM-209

Worried as to where the Outlander [Commando] is after finding HK-55 wondering around in Asylum with no memory of what happen to him. Lana set to find the Outlander [Commando] to back her up.

As what Lana fears, the Scion leader Heskal learns that the Eternal Emperor is alive and in the form of the Outlander [Commando].

Another important revelation aside from the existence of the Eternal Emperor, Senya revealed to everyone that Arcann and Vaylin are her children.

Well of course I already knew that before, the trailers provided a very intriguing role of Senya.




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