Its been 1 month and 1 day since the Philippine Govt. implemented the Enhance Community Quarantine.

Looking back before the announcement of the Philippine President Duterte I was on my way to work.

I work in one of the biggest BPO in the Philippines, as a Product Trainer for the campaign that I support, I always make sure to arrive 1 hour prior to my shift, this allows me to prepare the modules that I’m going to use for my lectures.

Looking back it was March 16, 2020 I was already inside the bus when I received a message from one of the managers, while reading it I did not notice that the people around me have already started leaving their seats, their leaving the bus already. Turns out they also received almost the same message as I am.

While on my way back home I started sending a text blast and updating my trainees of the current situation, after an hour when everything is settled in and I’m on my home already sitting on my chair I got a message from one of my trainees.

That one question I do not know how to answer, what will happen to them since they have not yet reach the production floor, they have not yet pass the training parameters.

As expected our company have rolled out several measures to help and provide financial assistance.

April 14, 2020 the enhance community quarantine should have been lifted, however, the Philippine Govt. have decided to extend it until April 30, 2020.

Its been a month since the lock down, what have we learned so far about the virus?

Sadly its not enough, while the world is facing a crisis and our front liners doing the best they can do to protect us its  still not enough.

Even after the lock down, there’s still no assurance that the virus is totally gone. With no vaccine or cure to the virus we are still not safe.

For someone like me that has no medical background one of the things that I can do for now is simply staying at home and following the guidelines of the health officials.

What to do during the Enhance Community Quarantine? 

I’m not a fan of Tik-tok and thankfully I was able to control the urge of downloading it in my phone.

During this time one of my escapes is playing online games, to be exact completing some of the quest and story line in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Doing a rerun marathon of your favorite TV series or Movies. I’ve completed watching Harry Potter during the first week, I was doing it one movie per day.

Then followed by The Hobbits, then Lord of the Rings

The Underworld series, then Star Wars films.

What do you miss the most? 


Definitely I miss travelling, the beach, the sand and some bonding time with my closest friends from work and out side of work.


While I work at home right now I surely miss the smell of a brewed coffee, I’ve been drinking ‘Kopiko’ Black. The smell and the ambiance of Starbucks, yes I’m a Starbucks person. Still I’m open in trying out other cafe’s.

Fast Food?

While they are not healthy I surely miss eating out or having it delivered in my home.

The smell of Jollibee Yum burger, that satisfying taste of Mc Donalds Coke float. Cant wait to have it again after this lock down.


Yep there is one, before the lock down I was in Olympic Village checking out some new shoes, to my regret I opted not to buy the shoes, I told my self I’ll wait for my next paycheck before I spend another money for a new shoes.

Also I was in Villman, checking out a particular specs of Asus laptop. I do have the budget at that moment but I told my self that I’ll wait for next month.

Am I going crazy?

Staying at home has its perks, I get to spend a good quality time with my family. Imagine seeing them and staying with them for the whole 1 month and 1 day.

From Monday to Sunday, we are even running out of topics to discuss.

Working from home has its perks, but I do have to tell you that I do miss my work station in the office, the smell of the pantry which is not that good due to the infuse smell of different food but hey I still miss it.

I cant believe that I miss the traffic jam in Edsa,

Anyhow I hope you all are safe.





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