SWTOR: GAME UPDATE 6.1.1 is live

swtor 12-04-2020 11-17-16 PM-892
Star Wars The Old Republic

Game Update 6.1.1 is now live,

And I cant believe that I almost miss one of the important update,

After a long week hiatus of not playing Star Wars The Old Republic I finally had the time to return to the game today,

And I almost missed one of the important item in the Game Update 6.1.1

Double XP Event
Date: April 21 РMay 19, 2020 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 11:00AM PDT/6:00PM GMT)
Requirement: None!

Starting April 21st and lasting until May 19th, there will be a month-long Double XP event! Enjoy a full month of Double XP, Valor, Renown, and more.

Well actually it was announced prior to the game update, but still that’s a month long of Double XP.

Enough for me to finish my class story for Jedi Knight Sentinel,


With the Enhance Community Quarantine extended until May 15, 2020 I now have more reason to go back and play the game again.

It was a long work week for me, as I started working from home already I never thought that I can still catch up this event.

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