TV Series: 9-1-1

9-1-1 TV Series

I’m really picky when it comes to watching TV Series, after the terrible ending of Game of Thrones and the burden of waiting for new episodes of Lucifer I ask my self how am I going to survive,

Since the start of the pandemic, I don’t know how you all are able to survive staying at home.

My usual routine of Home, Starbucks, Office, Gym, Malls and Buffet tables were all gone. Thanks to the Covid-19 we are all staying at home, well not all, thanks to our front liners who are doing everything they can for us.

Now staying at home routine is really getting to me after 2 months, well I do now have more time to play online game, finishing my class story quest in Star Wars The Old Republic and if I get tired of saving the galaxy from the evil Sith Empire or the other way around you can find me in the rune world of Midgard in Ragnarok Eternal Love.

swtor 01-04-2020 1-44-52 AM-491
Star Wars The Old Republic

But hey playing computer games can be tiring too, even if I work from home I manage my time very well. well I’m not paid to render OT works before working at home so I make sure that when my shift ends I’m totally logout of my work PC.

So there you go, I was looking for a new TV series to watch, I’m done watching Game of Thrones and I bet you I have already memorize most of the lines per scene, its not exciting anymore.

So I did a rerun marathon of Avatar Aang The Last Air Bender and Korra the new avatar. I have to say I’m not really happy with Korra and all but I moved on.

Alright, I was in Facebook just browsing some videos and one of my friend shared the scene from the pilot episode of 9-1-1. The newly born baby trap in a pipe, it was really intense for me, I mean who in their right might would flush the a newly born baby.

Anyway with all the drama and action it got me curious so I did a little Google Search and found 9-1-1.

I have to say that this TV series caught my attention and for the past 2 weeks I cant sleep if I don’t get to watch it.

While writing this I have already completed watching season 1 and season 2. Now I’m down to season 3, while the 9-1-1 was renewed for season 4, I bet that due to the pandemic its production is delayed as well like most other TV series.

Overall I highly recommend watching 9-1-1 a good TV series covering the day to day life in action of fire fighters and paramedics of Station 118.



2 thoughts on “TV Series: 9-1-1

  1. I can relate. This new way of watching series, episode after episode, means that demand far outweighs supply and if we don’t have that sure thing to go to then we feel screwed. This period is not particularly good for TV so we will have to cope somehow with the feelings while we are in-between series.


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