News: House bill wants six years of jail time for canceling food delivery orders

For the past 3 months I kept my silence as I saw several bloggers/ Vloggers [Vlog] and social media pranks victimizing the people working for food delivery service.

prank 1

I mean whats wrong with us people, we are facing a pandemic, instead of helping there are those who play prank to people who sacrifice their safety working in this time of crisis.

Front-liners does not end with doctors and nurses, those who work in customer service, food and delivery service are also front-liners.

Over the past 3 months the social media is flooded with reports of people playing jokes and pranks thinking that its funny, not sure what their thinking, most probably their not thinking at all. Wheres the empathy? the core value of humanity is totally lost.

Just recently this girl is making her way all over social media because of the prank she did to a Grab rider.

prank 1

Translation: She’s looking for a rider, her address is #288 Playa St. Balut Tondo Manila. She’s looking for a rider that can buy her grocery items in 7-11 convenient store

prank 2

Translation: According to her list it consist mostly of chocolates, total amount will be 2,100 pesos plus the fare of the rider which is 350 pesos. 

prank 3

Translation: The rider was able to arrive on the nearest 7-11 convenient store. 

prank 4

Translation: Using the 7-11 application you can buy the items from the store and present the code to the cashier to scan. This particular app is helpful for this kind of services, because the cashier knows exactly what you are buying for. 

prank 5

Translation: After the rider confirms the order and it was already payed for she then call it a bluff, a prank telling the rider that he can now eat those chocolates that he payed for.

The girl in this prank is known as Arlene Jimeno, not sure if that is her real name or her actual photo.

This post showed up in my social media account, credits to the owner of the photos.


This is not the first time this happened, the list goes on and on in social media.

Here is another one that is really got me frustrated the entire day,

A guy with a name Reynan Gañete ordered a food worth 1000 pesos and again using almost the same type of service wherein the rider will place, pick up and pay for the order and have it delivered to the customer.

The rider will only get paid upon delivery of the order.

The worst part here is that the person who place the order cancels it the moment the rider arrived in front of his house. Telling the rider that everything is just for fun, a joke if you will, for the sake of his blog.

Now, I’m really hoping for this bill. Once approved and in effect the violators of will get the penalty of prison or at least six years of jail time. They must also pay a ₱100,000 fine and reimburse the food and delivery service providers for the value of the items advanced by the rider. They should also pay the provider an amount of money double the fee charged for the canceled transaction.

This covers instances wherein customers order food and/or grocery items for the purpose of pranking or those who have no genuine intention of availing of the service which causes damage and undue duress to the Delivery Riders and their corresponding services.

Also those who shame, demean, embarrass, or humiliate the delivery riders across any platform may face at least six months of imprisonment or prison correctional.

With so many pranks going on in social media right now this bill will be a great help, ensuring the safety, security and source if income of those who are in this type of industry. After all, they just want to make a decent amount of money during this trying time and this is what they get from this kind of people, and for what?

Because they want to be famous in social media?

One of my friend told me that these people lack attention so they are making one, they are attracting attention to themselves no matter.

There’s a saying “Bad publicity is still a publicity”

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read.

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2 thoughts on “News: House bill wants six years of jail time for canceling food delivery orders

  1. Finally, a bill that deserves to be passed!

    On a side note, petty pranks such as those mentioned make me ashamed to call myself an “influencer”. Imagine preying on hapless people for the sake of likes and views! These “influencers” are a waste of talent and morals.


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