swtor 07-06-2020 3-54-18 AM-121

So I started a new toon in SWTOR, I know I have not posted anything SWTOR related for a while, you might have notice that I got hook again in playing Ragnarok Eternal Love using MuMu App player emulator in my laptop.

The decision of rolling a new toon was made possible by a friend I met online, yup, after a few change of messages I finally decided its time to roll to a new toon.

I also switch server so that it will not affect my existing toons and legacy in my current server.

swtor 30-05-2020 11-08-53 AM-924

Between all the Republic story lines in SWTOR the Trooper story line is one of my favorite of all.

That’s why I decided to roll and start a new character with the Republic Trooper instead.

This time though I’m playing as a preferred player compared to when I was playing before as a subscriber.

In my previous post SWTOR: Upcoming Free-to-play and Preferred Changes I mentioned the recent changes that SWTOR – Bioware – EA made for preferred players.

I have to say at that time I really was not paying attention, but right now as I play the game again I can see these changes, while they are good its a little bit of adjustment to make on my end.


swtor 07-06-2020 2-31-30 AM-446
  • Crew Skills – as a preferred player you are limited to 2 crew skills.

Now if you are into crafting this will surely be a problem, we all know that you need to have all 3 crew skills in order for you to properly do your crafting, say for example, Armormech this crew skill is very helpful for players who likes crafting armor for their toon.

swtor 07-06-2020 2-31-35 AM-491

While as a preferred player you are limited to 2 crew skill and you might think of creating another toon to compensate for the missing crew skill, I’d say you do not have to, the solution to this is to spend few credits and purchase the unlocks.

swtor 07-06-2020 2-32-27 AM-885

That’s right going to Cartel Market get your self the Preferred Access Bundle

This will unlock the limitation in your current crew skills and provides other bonus items as well.

That’s it for now as I continue with this new toon, feel free to visit my YouTube Channel to catch new videos.

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You can also catch me as I go on live stream during weekends in Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/crossmarianx


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