Toy Photography: Boa Hancock 07 Jeans Freak


Boa 01
Boa Hancock 01

One Piece is one of the manga / anime that I really enjoy watching going back from my high school days,

Boa Hancock is one of my favorite character in One Piece, despite of her not being part of Luffy’s crew she still made a mark in the entire series.

Boa 02
Boa Hancock 02

Boa Hancock is commonly seen wearing her traditional Snake Empress outfit, for this, I have the BANPRESTO 07 BOA HANCOCK JEANS FREAK edition.

Boa 03
Boa Hancock 03

I’m still playing around with this toy photography project, watched a couple of videos in youtube and followed several toy photography accounts in Instagram.

Boa 04
Boa Hancock 04

I’ve use our flash light to help me with the lighting, I really like this photo compared to the other shots that I have.


2 thoughts on “Toy Photography: Boa Hancock 07 Jeans Freak

    1. Thank you, I’m still learning, since I cannot go out due to the pandemic this is one of the things that I can do at home to keep my self buys. Thank you for dropping by, stay safe.

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