Jollibee: Beeda ang Safety at Saya

File Photo: Last time I was out eating and enjoying my favorite Jollibee meals

When was the last time you went out to eat with your friends? or with your family?

Its been 4 months now since the Philippines declared a community quarantine, since then my family and I have completely followed all the rules and guidelines implemented in our local municipality. Being the only with a quarantine pass I usually take care of the groceries, that’s going to the Market and all for my family supplies.

Its been 4 months since I saw my friends, well I see them like every day whenever we are in a zoom meeting or whenever they post their silly tiktok videos.

The point is, this is the new normal that we have to live in, with the threat of the virus still out there and the hopes of getting a vaccine before the year end is still far, we have to endure and always prioritize the health and safety of our love ones.

Business is also affected by the lock down, I now enjoy working from home, no more 4 hours travel time for me going to work and surviving the hassle of commuting in Edsa.

While the Philippine Govt. have imposed some guidelines to follow for the some business to be able to resume their operation, one to be exact is my favorite fast food chain Jollibee.

I was watching “Bawal ang Judgemental” yesterday when I saw the commercial of Jollibee with the #BeedaAngSafetyAtSaya¬†

Looks like their back in accepting dine-in customers again, the song is very catchy as well to the point that I was on LSS. Nonetheless the priority is still the health and safety of everyone.

Beeda ang Safety at Saya


I do not mind eating outside and enjoying a few moments with my friends along with my favorite Jollibee meal as long as we observe the new normal.

Enjoy and have a great day.

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