Blog: Music Streaming App or Play Offline?

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In the age of Spotify and other Music Streaming Apps, who still listen to songs stored locally in their drive?

The thought cross my mind today as I stare at my work station thinking of a good justification for something that I’ll be needing to do later on.

I’m really lost for words while working today, so usually when this happen one of the therapy, I consider therapy in my case as I try to find a some sort of inspiration is to listen to a song or songs in this case.

Actually, I listen to an entire track. One of my comfort album is Mariah Carey’s E=MC²

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E=MC² is her 11th studio album and released last April 15, 2008 by Island Records.

I love all the songs in this track, I listen to all of of the songs w/o skips and most of the time with repeats.

So it got me thinking, with today’s age of streaming music who still listen offline? Is it just me?

And when I say offline means you have the songs either saved somewhere in your external HDD.

Honestly I have an 500 GB WD external HDD where all of my favorite songs and albums are stored. I back-up all of the songs from the CD Albums that I used to have back in the days.

I used to listen to Spotify, I also have the same set of songs in my Spotify playlist, that was before the “New Normal”.

When the pandemic started, I cancelled most of my subscription from various services one of them is Spotify. I guess I just cant afford paying monthly subscription for a music streaming app when I can just play my favorite songs in my music player at home or in my PC.

Sadly the age of listening to music with your iPod is gone, I miss the good old days.

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When you can just play songs from your iPod or any music player, technology do improve to make our life better, but sometimes the good old stuff is still Good.

Alright back to work… thanks for dropping by.



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