Converge: Service Advisory – Day 2 Speedtest Challenge

Last September 25, 2020 Converge assured its customers that its service will not be affected with the schedule maintenance activity on the AAG international submarine cable.

In their official Facebook page Converge ICT Solutions Inc. announce the following,

“In line with the planned maintenance activity on the AAG international submarine cable, we would like to inform our subscribers that our services will not be impacted. We will continue to deliver connectivity as we have sufficient international capacity on multiple submarine cable systems, linking to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the USA.”

While other networks such as Globe and Smart made the same statement, it seems that some areas are still affected.

In the past weeks Telco & ISP’s in the Philippines are the target of several memes, we all know the struggle of getting a good connection also a stable one.

Last February, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve switch from PLDT to Converge due to poor connection and customer service. We were a long time customer of PLDT so the switch was not easy on our end, the process of canceling and applying for a new network, but all of that is in the past now.

So far, since we made the switch, my family and I are one of the few lucky and happy customer of Converge.

In line with this, I’ve decided to run another speed test from today until the end of the scheduled maintenance.

Here is the Speed test for today,


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