Converge: Service Advisory Nov. 17, 2020

Netflix is buffering…

Facebook is not loading…

Twitter is not updating, no new tweets…

All of this because your ISP is not working… in the time wherein everything is done virtually, online, and due to the pandemic your entire afternoon entertainment is heavily dependent with internet.

We experience a sudden lost of internet connection exactly 1:00 in the afternoon of November 17, 2020.

Converge: Service advisory explains everything, now heres the best part, your not alone…

The issue yesterday with Converge affected all of its subscribers. A huge impact to the daily life of every Converge subscribers, more importantly those who are on a work from home setup due to the pandemic.

While this is not the first time it happen to me as a Converge subscriber since February of 2020, I’d say that this is nothing compared to those times that I had to call PLDT Smart due to internet issue and having it fix usually takes 1 week to a month.

Now as of this writing Converge was able to fix the issue and we are back again,

We even received sms notification,

Time to put it on a test

There you go, still a happy camper here.

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