Food: Tokyo Tokyo in a New Normal


Its 9 months since Philippines declared a lockdown due to Covid Pandemic. Its now the Month of December, sales from every corner of shopping malls are happening and you will see a lot of people line up to get the best prices.

Everything that we use to do suddenly we cant do anymore, parties and reunion are now happening virtually.

Most of the time we order food from Food Panda or Grab since some of our go to restaurants or fast food chain are either closed or in a limited capacity.

I also feel awkward dining in as we have to observe social distancing, not to mention the every now and then of answering an online health form which I understand that it is necessary.

Sample online health form from Tokyo Tokyo

Imagine dining in with your friend or your family, its going to be one seat apart, not to mention the barrier.

Social distancing observe in Tokyo Tokyo Trinoma Branch

Markers on each table tells you or remind you of the social distancing

Reminders on each table to observe social distancing

While theres still no vaccine for covid virus yet all we can do for now is to help each other, follow social protocol no matter how awkward they maybe its for our own safety anway.

And if your still deciding what meal to get then I suggest the Bento Meal Chicken wings, I opted for Teriyaki.

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