Converge: 1500Xtra Christmas Promo #GoFaster

Part of their 12.15.2020 promo Converge announced a 99 pesos upgrade for those in the 1500 plan,

For FiberX 1500 (25Mbps) subscribers can avail of a permanent upgrade to their plan for only 99 pesos additional,

This promo is only valid for those in the 1500 fiber subscribers only. Terms and conditions apply.

Now that’s a good deal, since we started moving to Converge February of this year we never experienced any huge problem like when we were at Smart PLDT.

I’ll start testing the speed once my application is process and share it to you folks.

For now we have to wait and by the way some of my friends reported an issue like lost of connection and suddenly decrease of their internet speed after applying for an upgrade but it was fix after that, so I think its normal.

Processing the upgrade might take some time as well,

Here’s the SMS notification that we received.

Anyway I’ll keep this post updated once our upgrade is complete.

Let me know if you folks have also upgraded your Converge Fiber X plans and share your experience.

Thanks, Happy Holidays.

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