Converge: 1500Xtra Christmas Promo #GoFaster – Speedtest Day 1 of 30

In my previous post, I’ve mention that we recently upgraded out 1500 plan.

In case you missed that or the promo of Converge then you can read more about that here,

Converge:1500Xtra Christmas Promo #GoFaster

I’ve mention the upgrade that we made from our current plan to a new plan,

You can also check my past speedtest about our Converge connection,

Now time for Speedtest,

UPDATE: 12/30/2020 5:20PM

At around 4:00PM today, we suddenly lost our internet connection, I’ve realize it since our mobile devices suddenly switch to Globe Prepaid At Home Wifi.

I’ve tried calling Converge ICT in their hotline, 86670848.

And as expected, there’s a long wait in the queue, its something I understand since I work in the same area of business.

So instead of waiting for another 6 minutes on hold, I’ve decided to drop the call and performed a power reset on the router.

Luckily it work! So I’ve decided to run a speed test to.


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