Good bye 2020, Hello 2021

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We all face different challenges this year 2020, who would have thought of having a pandemic in this day of age,

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure my readers and followers can relate to this hardships that we all face, they maybe different but surely relatable.

I’ll never forget 2020, my family and I face a lot of challenges and thank God we are still here. We made it through, as the old saying goes “The family that prays together stays together”.

Let me reflect on what happen this 2020, Lets not take 2020 for granted. Yes its the most challenging year ever, but surely there’s a lesson in it that we learned.

March 16, 2020 – The Philippine Govt. declared a lockdown.

Honestly at that time things were a little bit uncertain, right, I received a call from my manager telling me not to go to work anymore and keep my self updated with the happenings in the country, the Philippine President just declared a lockdown and everything has to stop. Everyone one except those essential personal are the only ones allowed to travel.

The streets of Novaliches Quezon City at that time, well, its always crowded in here and traffic jam is bad, but at that time it was like a scene in a movie.

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People are flocking from every corner, in a hurry to grab the last ride home. Suddenly there’s Police and Military personnel asking as to go home, lock our self at home.

It was scary yes, I called in my Mom and told her that I’m on my home, she knows already what’s happening since it was all over the news.

Days and weeks past, we spent time at home, while its scary if you look on the other side of it, this give us that opportunity to reconnect with our family, to spend more time with them.

Honestly before the pandemic I only see my parents during the weekend, on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. We rarely have dinner together since I work all night and I have to travel almost 2-3 hours from our place to my site.

This pandemic, this lockdown gave us that time to talk with our family, the days and weeks that I’m at home was spent with my parents. Telling stories, looking on our old family album, doing Facetime and checking out our relatives on how they are doing.

The bright side is, we got to spend more time with our love-ones, no need to beg your bosses to have that vacation leave approved.

May 2020,

I started experiencing some of the symptoms of Covid, so I have to isolate my self from my parents since both of them are high risk since they are seniors already.

I’ve started asking my self what happen? did I missed any protocols? is the virus air-borne?

During the lockdown from March till the first week of May 2020, I only go out during our scheduled market day. Both of my parents are at their 60’s so I’m the only one allowed to go out and do necessary market stuff.

At that time its scary…

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I know that I’m following all the health protocols mandated such as wearing a facemask, bringing my own alcohol and sanitizing my hands from time to time.

Just thinking about it at that time was already scary, what will happen to me after 14 days? will I have to move to a facility and be isolated?

This means that I have to leave my family, who will now take care of my parents. And there’s that question about my work, my job. What will happen to me? my only source of income.

Thank God my test results were negative at that time.

What I learned from that experience it that we really have no control on what’s going to happen, we have to make sure to make the best out of every situation.

We have to be strong and we have to keep on fighting, Keep your faiths up as what they say.

June 2020,

Since I was on a lockdown and after my quarantine I think I’ve already watch Game of Thrones countless times, I’ve rerun Star Wars and Marvel movies as well.

I told my self, I need to have a new hobby while staying at home, I got tired of playing online games as well, I need to keep my self busy.

Here comes the time of Gundam, I’m always a fan, so I told my self why don’t I give it a try.

Ordered my first Gundam kit via Lazada and tried building it,

It all started with this kit, 30MM Alto Dark Gray.

Btw, please follow my IG account as I continue with this fun hobby.

From one 30MM Alto Dark Gray here they are now,

Honestly this hobby keep me insane, helped me discover a new community, got new friends as well.

July 2020

Some guy name Jeff Reyes Balansayo manage to hack my Gcash account, the rest of the story I’m sure you already know.

a total of 28 thousand pesos was stolen from me at that time.

The experience was dreadful, calling the customer support and filing a complaint, a fraud case was such a hassle.

Thanks to my family who kept me in check, its just a money, we can still earn it that’s what my mother keep on telling me so as my friends.

Let karma take care of him,

Fast forward to the current month – December 2020

December 2020,

The month of family reunions, college get together, parties in every corner and catching up with old friends.

All if not most are done in virtual, its not going to be easy but we have to do it.

For the safety of our love ones.

As we bid 2020 goodbye and welcome 2021, lets not forget the hardships that we face this year, the lessons in them.

Lets Welcome 2021 with positive vibes.

Happy New year to all and stay safe.

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