Star Wars The Old Republic: Jedi Sentinel Coruscant Heroics(walkthrough)(No commentary)

Is Star Wars The Old Republic worth playing in 2021?

This video is a game walkthrough of Coruscant Heroics Missions:

[HEROIC 2+] Republic’s Most Wanted (story area)

A gang of murderers known as the Fondor Five has been at large recently, but were spotted working with the Migrant Merchant’s Guild on Coruscant. They need to be captured or killed as soon as possible. A high bounty is offered for the gang’s demise.

Travel to the Fartrader Lounge in the Migrant Merchant’s Guild territory and defeat the Five.

Defeat Chopper (x1)

Defeat Longeye (x1)

Defeat Burnout (x1)

Defeat Basher (x1)

Defeat Gutshot (x1)

[HEROIC 2+] The Face Merchants (story area)

A Republic Security officer, Stansun, has a theory as to how wanted criminals have been eluding capture for so long: there might be a clinic under Black Sun’s control that alters the physical appearance of these people. And even if he theory is wrong, that clinic needs to be shut down so the battle between the Black Sun and Coruscant Security can draw to a close.

Obtain a Clinic Passkey (x1)

In order to gain access to the clinic, you need to find a passkey. Defeat the Black Sun forces close to the clinic and loot a passkey from one of them.

Access the Black Sun Clinic (x1)

The passkey should get you into the clinic.

Destroy Illegal Sugery Droids (x4)

Once inside, you’ll need to stop Black Sun from completing any more of these surgeries. Destroy the surgery droids spread around the building.

Download the Clinic’s Client List (x1)

The clinic should have a terminal somewhere that houses the information of all the criminals that have been altered beyond recognition and how to locate them. Find the terminal and download the list.

[HEROIC 4] Trouble in Deed (story area)

The owner of Gonthor Industries, Luran Gonthor, has been kick out of his warehouse by renegade Justicar Forces. He is fine, but the fact that his business is lost is eating at him. If he had his deed to the business, then he could have the Justicars removed from his warehouse. But the deed is in a safe in his warehouse. He has asked you to get to it and retrive it for him.

Go to Gonthor Industries (x1)

Travel to the Entrance to Gonthor Industries in Justicar Territory.

Activate the Elevator (x1)

In order to reach the deed you need to fight through the Justicar forces and reach an elevator leading to a balcony, where the safe is located. Fight the Justicars and activate the elevator.

Recover the Deed from the Vault (x1)

The deed is guarded by three Justicars. Fight through them, reach the safe, and recover the deed.

[HEROIC 4] Enemies of the Republic (story area)

Ensign Belkan and his squad were dispatched to find and recover astrogation charts from the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. But the Imperials had also been tipped off about the charts, and ambushed the squad on their way there. He needs you to recover the charts before the Imperials do.

Make your way to the Jedi Temple.

Retrive the Astrogation Charts (x1)

You reach the astrogation chart’s storage box, but they have already been taken.

Defeat the Hidden Acolyte (x1)

Out from the darkness comes a Sith infiltrator who has the charts on him, and was waiting for you to arrive so he could kill you. Defeat him and loot the charts from him.

Speak to General Wendin (x1)

The charts need to be delivered into safe hands after the battle with the Sith you just engaged in. Speak to General Wendin in the Senate Tower, deliver the charts to him, and collect your reward.

[SIDE QUEST] Insult to Injury

Heoric Missions can be activated by interacting with the quest giver or thru the Heroic Missions Terminal.
Heroic Mission Terminal is available from the Republic Fleet.

Jedi Sentinel: The Jedi Sentinel is one of two advanced class of the Jedi Knight; the other is the Jedi Guardian.

Species: Togruta
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Role: Melee Burst Damage
Weapon: Dual Wielding LightSaber


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