Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 15 – Balmorra(walkthrough)(No commentary) #SWTOR

Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 14 – Balmorra(walkthrough)(No commentary)

Is Star Wars The Old Republic worth playing in 2021?

This video is a game walkthrough of Jedi Knight Sentinel Class Story Mission on Balmorra


The Jedi Knight meets with Jedi, Warren Sedoru, informing them of the plan. The Empire has a prototype cloaking device on Balmorra and they will need it to find away into the Emperor’s fortress.

In order to gain trust with Balmorra’s resistance, the Jedi Knight saves the medical facility. It is there he meets the chief medic, Doc.

Doc asks the Knight to retrieve some trauma kits the Empire stole in order to safely evacuate all the patients. Warren Sedoru meets with them after, and tells them that the resistance will help locate the device but need to have access to Sobrik, which is under heavy Imperial control.

To lower security, the Knight creates false alarms at other Imperial facilities to draw them away from Sobrik. Using the computers there, they locate the area where the cloaking device is.

Returning to Sedoru, he introduces a resistance leader who tells them one of there captured comrades might know where the cloaking device is, and if they wish to capture the base and rescue the prisoner, the Jedi Knight must disable the blast doors. He disables the blast doors and find the prisoner.

The spy tries to mislead them into thinking the cloaking device was gone, but Sedoru detected her deception. She revealed that under threat of death, she told the Imperials everything she knew about the resistance. In an attempt to save herself from being executed by the resistance, she tells them the cloaking device is at the Balmorran Arms Factory.

Doc offers the lead the way into the arms factory. Doc is able to collect data on cloaking research and find the resistance has secured the cloaking device and wish to keep it for themselves.

The Jedi Knight obtains the cloaking device and gives it to Warren Sedoru, and Doc joins the Jedi Knight’s team.

After the mission, Tol Braga asks the Knight to find and help his Padawan, Sajar, who was a former Dark Council member before turning to the light. Orgus contacts the Knight again, saying the Knight needs to help.

Jedi Sentinel

The Jedi Sentinel is one of two advanced class of the Jedi Knight; the other is the Jedi Guardian.

Species: Togruta
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Role: Melee Burst Damage
Weapon: Dual Wielding Lightsaber

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