Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 16 – Quesh(walkthrough)(No commentary) #SWTOR

Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 16 – Quesh(walkthrough)(No commentary)

Is Star Wars The Old Republic worth playing in 2021?

This video is a game walkthrough of Jedi Knight Sentinel Class Story Mission on Quesh and Quesh Story Arc.


The Knight meets Sajar, who has fallen into a deep depression for surrendering to his anger and killed Imperial prisoners.

Sajar tells them that an Imperial officer wanred him the “Emperor’s wrath” is coming to punish Sajar.

The Jedi Knight defends the base as it is being locked down and meets the Emperor’s wrath, Scourge.

Scourge is intrigued by the Knight and gives up his mission to kill Sajar, and insists he will meet the Jedi Knight again in the future.

After the mission, Tol Braga tells the Knight to head for Hoth.

Quesh Story Arc:

Before travelling to Quesh Surface you must be inoculated by a Medical Officer, Republic Commando tells you to speak to General Korvan upon landing.

General Korvan and Major Treeg discuss the current mining situation and the oppurtunity to attack the Empire by sacrificing the security of the workers.

Venom Safeguards

Seal Four Venom Pipeline:
Miner Foreman called for assistance as Imperial Demolition Team over runs the pipeline facility.

Republic Venom Mine:
Defend Republic Venom Mine by defeating 3 Imperial Assault Captains and 1 Imperial Assault Major. Report to General Korvan in the Tree Family War Camp

Three Families War Camp:
General Korvan brief commends you for your assistance and brief of the current situation, Broga the Hutt and his factory was overrun with droid.

Cartel Crushing:
Enter the Adrenal Processing Factory, destroy five Cartel Command Droid and evacuate the factory workers

General Korvan informs you of the next target, Imperial Moff Dracen is leading the command on Quesh. Capturing the Moff can turn the tide to the Republic.

Storm the Gate:
Enter the Broga’s Palace and rendezvous with Red Squad.

The Republic Strikes Back:
Capture and defeat Moff Dracen. Return to the war camp and defeat the Sith Lord and Acolytes who took over the camp.

Lord Magras took Broga the Hutt as his hostage and Major Treeg switch to Imperial forces to gain promotion.

Reclaiming Quesh:
Defeat Lord Magras and rescue Broga the Hutt from the mine.

Jedi Sentinel

The Jedi Sentinel is one of two advanced class of the Jedi Knight; the other is the Jedi Guardian.

Species: Togruta
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Role: Melee Burst Damage
Weapon: Dual Wielding Lightsaber

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