Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 20 – Emperor’s Fortress(walkthrough)(No commentary)

Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 20 – Emperor’s Fortress(walkthrough)(No commentary)

Is Star Wars The Old Republic worth playing in 2021?

This video is a game walkthrough of Jedi Knight Sentinel mission on Tython and on the Emperor’s Fortress


With both the cloaking device and the technical readings, the Jedi Knight is called back to Tython to discuss the stage.

The Jedi form a plan to attack the base, but before they leave, Jomar tells them of a vision that the Jedi Knight will fall to the Dark Side if he goes to confront the Emperor. Braga and the other Jedi remain unconvinced and are resolved in their plans.

Emperor’s Fortress

The Jedi Knight, along with Braga, Warren, and Leeha arrive at the fortress, with hardly any opposition upon arrival. The Jedi Knight arrives at the throne room, where the Emperor and Scourge are waiting for him.

The Knight duels Scourge and defeats the Sith and the other three Jedi arrive at the throne room. The Jedi try to detain the Emperor, but they are all no match for his power and are subdued by him. Time passes and the Jedi Knight has fallen under the Emperor’s control, being trained under the watch of Scourge.

The Knight has another vision of Orgus, who tells the Jedi Knight to fight the Emperor’s control. Orgus tells him to keep his freedom to himself and escape the fortress and his “dark ally” will help.

A Sith Overseer arrives and asks the Jedi to help interrogate Kira, but instead, the Knight frees Kira. They two Jedi arrive at the hanger, to find Scourge has already freed the Knight’s companions.

Scourge tells the Jedi he had a vision centuries ago of the Knight defeating the Emperor and wants to save the Galaxy from total destruction. He joins the Jedi and they fly to Tython.

Jedi Sentinel

The Jedi Sentinel is one of two advanced class of the Jedi Knight; the other is the Jedi Guardian.

Species: Togruta
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Role: Melee Burst Damage
Weapon: Dual Wielding Lightsaber

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