Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 21 – Belsavis (walkthrough)(No commentary)

Star Wars The Old Republic – Jedi Sentinel – Part 22 – Belsavis (walkthrough)(No commentary)

Is Star Wars The Old Republic worth playing in 2021?

This video is a game walkthrough of Jedi Knight Sentinel mission on Belsavis


Both Satele and Scourge warn the Knight about an Imperial called Executor Krannus, who is most likely involved in carrying out the Emperor’s plans to wipe out life on Belsavis.

The Knight’s to meet a Jedi on Belsavis, but she was killed and another person, Pak Taldine, meets them to tell them that Imperials are near the main reactor, taking orders from a pureblood Sith. The Knight infiltrates the reactor and meets an Imperial who says the reactor was a distraction for the Jedi. After starting up the reactor, the Jedi Knight begins tracking Krannus.

Pak Taldine gives the Knight a lead to find a Doctor Gantrell, who left a distress call being attacked by Imperials, being lead by someone describing Krannus. The Jedi Knight finds Imperials but Krannus has kidnapped Gantrell to gain access to the prison’s power core. The on the way to the core, Krannus contacts the Knight, saying Imperials are also planting explosives around volcanoes which with cause eruptions and kill millions.

The Jedi Knight reaches the core, and with the assistance of the Republic, they disable the detonation charges and kill Krannus.

After Belsavis, the Jedi is contacted by Satele, who tells the Knight of a gathering of high-ranking Sith at a space station under Emperor’s orders and that the Knight should investigate it.

They arrive and infiltrate the station to find Leeha Narezz under the Emperor’s control, and has taken Jomar as hostage. After defeating Leeha and her Meedees, the Emperor’s control on her breaks.

Jomar tells the Knight that the Emperor sent a Sith Lord Fulminiss on a mission to the planet Voss. Jomar takes Leeha back to Tython for healing and the Knight goes to Voss.

Jedi Sentinel

The Jedi Sentinel is one of two advanced class of the Jedi Knight; the other is the Jedi Guardian.

Species: Togruta
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Sentinel
Role: Melee Burst Damage
Weapon: Dual Wielding Lightsaber

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