Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016

Happening right now in SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia is the Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016. 



I would love to attend this years event as I experience it first time last 2015 and it was a “Bang” well that is the term I would use specially if you are a fanatic of superheroes. There are collectibles and off-course photo-ops with various Cos-Play artist.

The Cage cosplay contest is one of the highlights of the Asia Pop Comic Con that I enjoyed, and I’m sure this years contestant will show off their best of the best Costume.

Oh well that’s it I recommend to my fellow Filipino comics / super heroes / cosplay fans to visit the event in SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia.

You can also check my post for the 2015 Asia Pop Comic Con

For the schedule of events you can visit the official website of Asia Pop Comic Con


NCCA Printable Sculptures of Philippine Landmarks

Thanks to NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) for introducing a series of paper craft project that people can download and print.

The project started last December 2015 with The Rizal Monument, currently there are 4 DIY paper craft project that can be downloaded.

  • Aguinaldo Shrine Paper craft
  • Manila Metropolitan Theater
  • Rice Terraces of Philippine Cordilleras
  • Rizal Monument

I started with printing the scale model of Manila Metropolitan Theater, folding the paper art and putting them together was fun! below is my finished work.



Exploring Marinduque 

Unexpectedly I begun my 2nd solo travel to Marinduque, the original plan was to travel with my two friends but it did not happen since they had to take care of personal matters.

Since my VL (vacation leave) was already filed and I already made reservation for the bus I decided to go solo for I know that there is an adventure waiting for me.

Going to Marinduque was made easy thanks to RORO, I took the bus in Jac Liner Kamias station going to Boac Marinduque, the bus fee was 830 pesos including RORO, for online reservation you can check

Thanks to other bloggers I manage to come up with an itinerary of places to visit and places to stay while in Marinduque.

I arrived in Boac Marinduque around 4:00AM of Saturday morning, I tried to get a room in The Boac Hotel but sadly they are fully booked good thing when I check on Tahanan sa Isok they still have available room, though the only room available was a twin bed room for 1,200pesos I decided to take the room since I needed a place to stay and I badly need a shower.

After the shower I rested for while and took some photos of the twin bedroom using Nikon D3100.

First stop while in Boac was the Boac Cathedral and I was lucky enough to attend the early mass. Here are some of the Panorama Shot I took using Iphone 5C.

A great view of the Walls of the Boac Cathedral.

While waiting for the stores to open I walk around Boac and took some photos of the old houses.

The streets of Boac are clean and the entire town are quite and peaceful.

Kusina sa Plaza is one of the recommended places in Boac, but they are still close, however they have a mini-cafe that is already open, time for some coffee – by the way there are no fast food chains in Boac and no Starbucks as well.

The cafe part of Kusina sa Plaza also served breakfast meals.

After touring around Boac I decided to go to Pinggan Gasan for the Tres Reyes Island Hopping.

From Boac I took a jeep going to Pinggan which is one of the Baranggay in Gasan.

From Gasan I talk to some of the Bangkero’s for the Island Hopping, there are 3 islands namely Gaspar, Melchor, Balthazar.

The island hopping was a bit of a challenge since the waters are not calm it was a rough ride but thanks to Manong Bangkero for keeping us safe.

Out of the 130 Photos that I took using Nikon D3100 I pick some photos that has less foggy due to some splash of water, lesson learn next time is to use a protective cover on DSLR camera.

Here are some of the photos I took using Nikon D3100

The first island has a sandbar and good thing it was low tide.

A Panoroma shot from the first island while standing in the sand bar.

We docked on the third island and I took the chance to take some photos and selfies!

A Panorama Shot using Iphone 5c

The next day I left Boac and took a jeep going back to Balanacan and from there I took a UV Express going to Torrijos and I ask the driver to drop me off Poctoy White Beach.

Poctoy White Beach

There are home-stays in Poctoy white beach for a reasonable price, I stayed overnight in Villa Briones, a front beach home stay.

I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in taking photos in Poctoy.

There are kayak for rent in Poctoy, I just don’t know how much and for how long since I did not inquire on the caretaker, I’m satisfied beach bum.

A Panorama shot of Poctoy White Beach

And I found a good spot for a photo session. Good thing my Nikon D3100 was still working after getting some splash of water during the Tres Reyes Island hopping.

I left Poctoy earl in the morning, it will only take you around 15 mins walk from Poctoy White Beach to the main road of Poctoy.

And I took a jeep going to Sta. Cruz and I went to Sta. Cruz Church, there are also UV Express in Sta. Cruz that will bring you to Balacanan port.

One of the best part of this adventure was riding on top of the Jeep and watching the beautiful view of province.

Detour – after arriving in Balacanan port I was inform that the last ferry for that morning already left and the next will be by 2:00PM, since my schedule was tight I cant wait that long, I ask what time will be next ferry in Cawit port and I was told that Montenegro has a schedule by 12:00PM, so from Balacanan port I took a tricycle going to Cawit port and took the ferry boat going back to Lucena Port.

Cawit Port

On board of the ferry boat the view of the Cawit Port.

I will definitely return to Marinduque for there are still a lot of places to see and adventure to experience in this wonderful province, until then thank you Marinduque!



In response to this weeks Photo Challenge Landscape. 

I’ve been busy for this past few weeks, and was not able to update the site lately, thankfully its already summer, and currently looking forward for my travel, I will be joining some of my friends this month of April for an out of town travel, until then I’d like to share this photo of me taken during my solo travel in Baler Aurora Philippines.




In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story.

Anawangin – A Beautiful Disaster

They say that the beaches of Anawangin was used to be rocky but after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, vulcanic ashes covered the entire island and years later Agoho trees started to grow around in the island creating a paradise.

Photo was taken last April 18 2010 with my friend bell during our travel in Anawangin.