SWTOR: Aric Jorgan

The Trooper Class has several companions and the first companion that you will unlock after completing a quest is Aric Jorgan.

Aric Jorgan is a Cathar Male species. You’ll find him annoying during the first meeting and a bit bossy I say.

Screenshot_2017-04-08_12_07_35_458478While the game play in SWTOR: Star Wars The Old Republic allows female players to romance with Male companions in this case that option is available after acquiring Aric Jorgan as a companion. Do not worry friends EA is very particular with romance, its a matter of choice, depends on how you interact with, then most likely then you’re character can marry Aric Jorgan or remains as friend. consider you’re self playing SIMS in the Star Wars Universe.

Prior to joining the Havoc Squad, Aric Jorgan is a well decorated Republic soldier. He is a Lieutenant and over-sees the Republic operations in Ord Mantell. After the defection of Commander Tavus, Aric Jorgan was demoted to the rank of Sergent.


Aric Jorgan, inside the Armory of BT-7 Thunderclap


Aric Jorgan, Republic Senate, Coruscant


SWTOR: BT-7 Thunderclap

The BT-7 Thunderclap, an assault ship of the Republic Military. Commando and Vanguard acquires the starship at the end of the class quest before leaving Coruscant.



Let me give you a quick tour inside BT-7 Thunderclap.

Lets start with the Main Deck.Holo-Terminal is located in the Main Deck of your ship, that’s where you will interact and communicate with General Garza while inside the ship for mission updates.



Still part of the Main Deck you will see a unique room, which I believed is designed for the Commando. I call it the Captain’s quarters.


The Captain’s Quarters

From the Main Deck you can access the Bridge by going up through the stairs.

The Bridge is where you control your ship, from here you can access the Galaxy Map and travel to other planets as per mission requires.


The Bridge 

Quarters, SWTOR did not put any label for what is the use of this room. Judging from the room design, I assumed that this is a sleeping quarters for your crew.


Sleeping Quarters or Bend Bunks

In this photo you can see the Bed Bunks, that’s definitely for the crew.


Sleeping Quarters or Bed Bunks

Next is the Armory, this room is currently where your first companion Aric Jorgan is mostly staying.

Intercon, where yo can call up all of your companions and discuss mission objectives.

C2-N2 is one of your companion that manages the ship. He’s going to welcome you every time you return to the ship that’s because his station at the entrance of the ship.


Inside your ship you can access the Cargo Hold from this room.



And the last part of our tour is Medical Bay. Which I’ll include the photo on the next post.


SWTOR: The Commando

In the previous post I tried using Vanguard while waiting for the game patched, but my personal favorite Trooper Class is the Commando.

Commando is the Healer Type for the Trooper Class, uses a Massive Assault Cannon.

After completing the Class Quest in Ord Mantell, the Trooper will have to travel via republic transport to the heart of the Republic CORUSCANT.

Aside from completing the Trooper Class Quest, there are several Planetary Mission and Daily Mission you can do in Coruscant.

Coruscant is the 2nd Planet for the Trooper Class, actually in the game its the 2nd Planet for all of the Republic Characters.

Mission directives will be provided by General Garza herself inside the Senate Plaza.

(Spoiler Alert) The Trooper’s class quest will end in The Works.

You will meet Fez Burba a Republic Scientist, he’s very funny. Fez Burba will give you a quest which can be completed in The Works, its one of the side quest you can complete while exploring the map, might as well take it for added credits and XP.

While exploring The Works you will meet a wounded trooper, talking to this NPC will grant you a Heroic Quest which you can complete by going to the ruins of Jedi Temple.

While the Heroic Quest is optional, but then again think of the rewards.

The Jedi Temple, or whats left of it, mostly ruins and over run by Imperial Soldiers.

Once you have completed the quest you will then have to travel your way back to the Senate Tower for the briefing of your mission, you will also have to talk to a Senator for the completion of the Heroic Quest.

And that completes the Trooper Class quest in Coruscant.

SWTOR: The Republic Trooper



Que intro music. 



The Tank type class. Wears Heavy Armor and the Primary Weapon is Assualt Rifle.


The Healer Type class. Wears Heavy Armor and the Primary Weapon is Massive Assault Cannon.

My Personal favorite is Commando, but the screenshot you will see right now is VANGUARD. I tried Vanguard while waiting  for the Patch to Complete.  


Tropper’s Star Ship is THE BT-7 THUNDERCLAP. Trooper’s will get their Star Ship at the end of the CORUSCANT Class mission.

Awarded by GENERAL GARZA, it indicates the completion of Coruscant Class mission, and receiving further details of succeeding mission.

In short its time to hunt down the traitors of HAVOC SQUAD. But before that let me share to you some of the TROOPER/VANGUARD/COMMANDO Class/ Planet quest in Ord Mantell.


Meet Commander Vray

COMMANDER VRAY will give you the reward for completing one of the planet quest. (Spoiler Alert) you will be task to take out some of the separatist snipers along the area.


Fort Garnik Base – Entrance

Fort Garnik is the Trooper’s Home while in Ord Mantell, make sure to remember the entrance to the office/room where you will received briefing of your Class Mission. Ha! No worries, if you’re lost just simply toggle your map and follow it.



HAVOC SQUAD. Yey! an Elite Group of Republic Soldiers, that’s Havoc Squad. The Trooper Class Story is about hunting down the members of Havoc Squad who defected to the Empire.

Meet The Havoc Squad.

  • Commander Tavus
  • Fuse
  • Wraith
  • Gearbox

And Yes you will be hunting them down.

During the briefing you will also meet the arrogant JORGAN, currently he’s not part of the Havoc Squad, but you have to deal with him until you finished your class quest (Spoiler Alert: Jorgan will be your first companion by the end of the Ord Mantell Class Quest)

One of the Class quest was to get an intel from a Republic Spy, apparently when you arrived on the meeting spot his dead already.


Meet Mirru, a twi’lek, part of your Class quest is to interrogate him. Depending on how you deal with him you can earn either a Light Side or Dark Side points.

Finding the bomb is easy, no sweat you can locate and disable them. As you prgoress with your class quest Jorgan or Tavus will be providing details about them, so pay attention.




SWTOR: Certificate Error

As of this writing I’m back to downloading the game again, pretty sad right.

So its my normal day wherein I woke up early to login and play the game, by the way I forgot to create a post about it but I was able to finally finished downloading the entire game, what I mean was that its finished downloading the entire game patched and I could already start playing normally until today. 

So there I was putting my login details for my PC and then afterwards I double-click on the SWTOR icon on my desktop screen, pretty much the usual stuff that you have to do in order to play the game, and then surprisingly I got an error message that says “CERTIFICATE ERROR” not in bold off-course. I was like WHHAATTT THE F!. 

Luckily I was able to find the fix from the forum and downloading the launcher fix took care of things for me but then I’m back to downloading the game patch again. 

And this all started with Game Update: 5.1.3

If by any chance you encounter the same problem like I do, you can check SWTOR forums for the answer or downloading the launcher fix tool from this link  http://answers.ea.com/t5/STAR-WARS-The-Old-Republic/GUIDE-Launcher-Troubleshooting/m-p/4805820#2

Good Luck with the Game Patch … Happy Patching


SWTOR: Ord Mantell

One of the good thing I like about SWTOR: STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC is that it allows you to play the game while it completes the download/installation on the background. 

While waiting for the complete installation, SWTOR allows you to create and ay characters on starting planets. 

There’s a particular reason why I love the TROOPER class and I just cant put it in writing. 

When SWTOR was first launched Jedi Sage was the first class I created until I got bored of her class mission and switch to a SNIPER class. 

It was last year when STAR WARS MOVIE, STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKEN when I decided to start playing as a trooper until reality strikes back (more of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) and I have to stop playing for a while (at-least for about 3 months).

I was a COMMANDO before the game update 5.1.3 for now I’m playing as VANGUARD class to see what the potential of this character based on my game play ☻☺ 

Below are the screenshot of my first mission. 



First mission after character creation☺






ORDMANTELL nostalgic for counter-strike players as the entire planet is a war-zone. 


Sergeant Byles







Home sweet home for REPUBLIC TROOPER, its a republic military base in ORD MANTELL. 
Do not be surprised if you see some SMUGGLER running around ORD MANTELL as both SMUGGLER AND TROOPER class starts in ORD MANTELL.   

SWTOR: StarWars The Old Republic

SWTOR: StarWars The Old Republic 

The current game patch update (5.1.3) is giving me a lot of trouble that I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game (insert SAD emoji)

A screenshot of the GAME LAUNCHER as I wait for it to be fully installed.

and because of that this blog post was born (out of frustration)