Travel: 2016 Hot Air Balloon Festival

A Week of everything that flies!

My first solo travel to Pampanga was to enjoy and experience The Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival runs from February 11-14 2016, I went there during the last day of the festival.

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Yummy Desserts from Ready To Go

I was so busy this past few weeks that this post was suppose to be posted during November, well better late than never.

Ever heard of Ready To Go in Pioneer 1 Mandaluyong City? well my friend and I are currently a fan of this food shop, they offer a variety of healthy food and desserts what more is that during Saturday at 5:00AM they have this promo of buy 1 take 1.

Anyway I really enjoyed their desserts, here are some photos to share with.

By the way I’m not connected to the owner of the store and I’m not paid for making this post, I would just like to share my happiness over these desserts.


Black and White – APCC Manila

“We are so used to seeing the world in colour” – Digital Camera World

APCC Manila 2015

Inspired by Simonet, you can check her page about Pure Black and White Photography.

After reading the article from Digital Camera World, I turn into my recent photo ops in APCC Manila 2015 and selected this photo, I was hoping that the lights on the ceiling would help in creating a stunning monochrome effect, I used Nikon D3100 with kit lens and Photoshop Express from my tablet to edit the photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

First time to participate, Here’s my take in this Weeks Photo Challenge – Change.

The weather here in the Philippines constantly changing faster than anyone would notice, from a bright sunny morning to a cloudy afternoon, and as the season change so do we.

White Beach, Puerto Galera June 2015