Ms. Universe 2015


Every year the biggest Beauty pageant competition is held, were in at least 80 countries all over the world compete of taking home the crown and title of Ms. Universe.

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Yummy Desserts from Ready To Go

I was so busy this past few weeks that this post was suppose to be posted during November, well better late than never.

Ever heard of Ready To Go in Pioneer 1 Mandaluyong City? well my friend and I are currently a fan of this food shop, they offer a variety of healthy food and desserts what more is that during Saturday at 5:00AM they have this promo of buy 1 take 1.

Anyway I really enjoyed their desserts, here are some photos to share with.

By the way I’m not connected to the owner of the store and I’m not paid for making this post, I would just like to share my happiness over these desserts.