Lucifer: Pilot Episode

Lucifer: Pilot Episode

Forgive me, I was under a rock since April 17 2011.

The rock was called Game of Thrones.

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Travel: Manila China Town

A walk through the little China town of Manila

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News: Promotions | Starbucks Coffee | Starbucks Christmas Traditions 2019

– Starbucks 2019 Planner and Travel Organizers

Good Day!

Just how many cups of coffee from Starbucks have you consumed already?

All of that just to collect those damn stickers in exchange for the limited edition Starbucks 2019 Planner and Travel Organizers.

Well my friend if you haven’t or not even to close to completing those 18 stickers then worry no more.

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SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Alderaan

– Jedi Consular | Tatoiine

Back in Tatooine, Our Jedi Consualar | Sage was successful in saving Jedi Master Eriz Vossan.

The search continues for the Jedi Consular | Sage to find and heal other Jedi Masters across the galaxy and hopefully end the mysterious plague.

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