Events: World of DC

Last April 18, 2015 The Worlds Greatest Heroes and Fans of DC Comics in the Philippines took place in SM City North Edsa Atrium Section to celebrate the World of DC Comics.

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Hello world! – Who I am and why I am here

EatWorkPlayGo is my newest blog here in and I’m so excited to share my stories and photos

My blog will comprise of my travel stories, photos and many more. Compared to my first blog which consist of news and stories about Crisitiano Ronaldo this time it will be different as it will be more about my stories.

Travelling is fun and exciting, before this blog I had been travelling to various destinations here in the Philippines, most of the time I travel with my friends. As I started this blog I also made a promise to my self that one day I will be doing a solo travel, I have been reading a lot and planning my trip hopefully it will happen before this year ends.

UPDATE – I finally had my first solo travel, please check my post

Baler: More than just Surfing

On my lazy time I play online games and in the past I was very much addicted to Diablo 2 lord of destruction and Ragnarok, for now I occasionally play as a Jedi Sage or Sith Inquisitor in Star Wars The Old Republic. 

Eating is one of the best thing to do in life, so with that I would like to share all kinds of food you can find and eat here in the Philippines.

Now why WordPress? when there are other platform like for example blogger by blogspot, well I do not need to list down the advantage and disadvantage of the two platform since that has already been explain in various sites, but in case you do need to know you can check the link below for the Blogger vs WordPress.

I only have two reason why I chose WordPress:

  1. Flexible
  2. Good Community

So there you go hello world and yellow WordPress community

Link: Blogger vs WordPress  
[I am not related to the owner of this website]