Black and White – APCC Manila

“We are so used to seeing the world in colour” – Digital Camera World

APCC Manila 2015

Inspired by Simonet, you can check her page about Pure Black and White Photography.

After reading the article from Digital Camera World, I turn into my recent photo ops in APCC Manila 2015 and selected this photo, I was hoping that the lights on the ceiling would help in creating a stunning monochrome effect, I used Nikon D3100 with kit lens and Photoshop Express from my tablet to edit the photo.

National Pizza Month

Do you know that October is the National Pizza Month?

The observance of the National Pizza Month began in October 1984 and it was created by Gerry Durnell, the publisher of Pizza Today magazine – and I would like to quote Wikipedia for that.

Well now that we know, how about a few boxes of pizza to celebrate.

Now for Nutella lovers like me, surely you had tried making your own Nutella pizza,  now Greenwich have added Nutella pizza in one of their newest variety.

Greenwich Nutella and Banana pizza, you can check their website for more information

Greenwich website:

Happy Pizza Month!