News: BSP unveils updated 5-peso coins

Last November 29, 2017 The Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) unveiled a new 5 Peso coins that will be circulated starting December 2017. This will be part of New Generation Currency (NGC) coin series.

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SWTOR: The Gauntlet Class Mission – Chapter 2

The final mission for the Trooper Class QuestThe Gauntlet. 

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SWTOR: The Gauntlet Class Quest

Mission Briefing for the Republic Trooper Class Quest The Gauntlet. 

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SWTOR: Heroic Mission Terminal

Happy holidays folks!

Heroic Missions is available in every planet in Star Wars The Old Republic, most missions would require a group of 4 now fear not my friend because you can also complete those missions with just your companion helping you out.

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SWTOR: The Final Piece

After completing the Hoth Quest Series, its time to complete the final quest in order to recruit the 5th member of the Havoc Squad.

On earlier missions we already identified that Sergeant Yuun will be the 5th member of Havoc Squad by helping him and completing the quest to rebuild the Umbra Encryter.

This post will give you an overview of the final quest.

The location:

You know the drill, just simply follow the indicator in your map. The site is located on the far end portion of the map.


The Enemies: 

What to expect? lots of pirates, by the time that you reached this level I’m sure you can handle a few mobs. Besides they are not that tough compared to the Republic Commando Trooper, and give yourself some credit, Captain of the Havoc Squad.

Meet Zeeren, talk to her nicely and make a deal with her and its worth it.


Don’t worry shes a tough one, pointing a blaster at her face will not scare her. You just need to show her how tough you are, remember shes a pirate – though at some point shes a Smuggler.


The Imperials: 

Imps will try to join the party, however, no need to worry if your offer with Zeeren is good then she will take your side and you do not have to worry about the Imps. She and her men will take care of them for you.


At the end of the battle she will tell you where the Final Piece is located


The Final Piece: 

After completing the quest you will then have a heart to heart talk with Sergeant Yuun.


And you have successfully recruited Sergeant Yuun as the 5th member of Havoc Squad.

A little photo ops with Sergeant Yuun.


Before going back to your ship you will still have to drop by with Sergeant Yuun’s former supervisor.


Time to welcome Sergeant Yuun to the team and report the status of the mission.


Your character’s first conversation with Sergeant Yuun.

SWTOR_0115SWTOR_0116SWTOR_0117SWTOR_0118SWTOR_0119SWTOR_0120 Spoiler Alert:

Your next mission is to travel to Coruscant for the briefing of “The Gauntlet” mission.

SWTOR: Hoth Quest Series – Cold War – Arms Race – The Null Cannon

In my previous post “SWTOR: Hoth Quest Series – Unlikely Allies – Give Them An Inch” I shared some details about the Hoth Quest Series, Where to acquire the quest and some screen shots as well.

From the last Republic Outpost “Outpost Senth” after completing the “Give them An Inch” quest you will then acquire the next quest “Cold War”.

Below are the next quest series starting from Outpost Senth:

  • Unlikely Allies
  • Give Them An Inch
  • Cold War

The next Quest series will lead you to Outpost Zerek:

  • Arms Race
  • The Null Cannon

The wreckage of the Republic Capital Ship reminds me of the Star Wars: The Force Awaken film minus the cold and ice of Hoth.

Meet Admiral Revald, he will provide a debrief of the mission objectives.


Calling the Admiral from one of the pirate’s computer terminal to confirmed that mission is a success.


Spoiler Alert – Mission Objective is to grab the Null Cannon and transport can only hold one Null Cannon, turns out, the pirates build copies of the most powerful cannon that can destroy an entire fleet.


Meet the Pirate Leader, let him beg for his life (Spoiler Alert for Darkside or Light Side)


Spoiler Alert – Choosing the light side will let your mission partner to set the Null Cannon in an overload process causing the device to explode and in the process destroying the copies of the Null Cannon


Report back to the Admiral to complete the quest.