SWTOR: Companions

Companions in Star Wars The Old Republic varies depending on your class, in this post I’ll share details about the companions of the Trooper Class.

In Star Wars The Old Republic you will meet your first companion in your starting planet and as you progress in the quest you will be able to recruit him or her before moving to the next chapter of the story.

The Trooper class has 5 known companions in the Star Wars The Old Republic after the recent update additional companions can be recruited in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

For now I’ll only share details of the 5 known companions in the Star Wars The Old Republic.

Companions has different roles in the past there is a dedicated Tank and Healer, now with the recent updates players can now assign specific roles for their companions.

This I find very helpful as players can now choose the companion they want to bring and then assign a specific role depending on their play style.

Lets start with the Trooper Class first companion this applies to both Commando and Vanguard.

Aric Jorgan is the first companion for the Trooper Class and he plays a major role in the first part of your class quest.

After completing your class quest in Ord Mantell you will then be able to recruit him. In most of your conversion he will share stories about his previous team which later on he will be giving you a quest to save them. In your ship you will find him in the armory section.


Elara Dorne is the second companion for the Trooper Class and she can be recruited after completing the Taris class quest mission. She’s the field medic in your team and prior to the update she’s the only companion with the role of Healer for the Trooper class.

She’s born Imperial and served the Imperial military before defecting to the Republic. she has a good background story and I actually enjoyed every conversation with her.

She stays in the medic bay of your ship and provides you an update about medic supplies in most of the conversation if not she’ll ask you to join her as she files her reports for the republic inquiry its part of a program that kinda checks her status.


M1-4X is the third companion for the Trooper Class and can be recruited by the end of the Nar Shaddaa class quest.

At first I was really excited in completing the Nar Shaddaa class quest in order to recruit him, however, he’s a range type tank companion and it doesn’t match with my play style. I tried changing his role into a Healer but I’m still not happy with it.

And as of the moment I don’t have a gear that would match his current style which I assume is a chrome with red highlights.


Tanno Vik is the fourth companion for the Trooper Class. He will join you at the end of the Balmorra class quest.

He’s a demolition expert and highly recommended by General Garza, however, he doesn’t have a good service record.

He stays in the cargo hold section of your ship.


Yuun is the fifth companion for the Trooper Class. (Updated: January 02, 2018)

After completing the Class mission in the icy planet of Hoth, Yuun will join the team and will complete the Havoc Squad.


Yuun stays in the engine portion of the ship, my guess is because he is a mechanic or a technician for the team.

This will also activate the next mission which by now you already have an idea since its been mention several times during your class mission (hopefully you paid attention to the details)

The briefing for the next mission will happen in Corusant.

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