SWTOR: Jedi Consular | Sage Armor Sets

– Jedi Consular | Sage

In this post I’ll be sharing my current favorite Armor sets for my Jedi Consular | Sage Class in SWTOR


Jedi Consular and its advanced class Sage both wear Light Armor.

In addition the adaptive armor set also allows the Jedi Consular and Jedi Sage to wear other armor outside the light armor requirement.

This list is in no particular order,

First we have the Voidmaster Armor Set

What I like about the Voidmaster Armor Set is that it comes with pants instead of skirts, which I commonly notice with Jedi Consular and Sage classes.

Also the cream white color with some kind of gold embellishment gives the armor some kind of royalty and nobility in it, which is expected to all Jedi’s.

The shoulder pads and the cape gives that superiority among Republic Class since Jedi’s are masters of the light side of the force.

Second we have the Force Magister’s Armor Set

What I like about the Force Magister’s armor set is that it gives my Jedi that look and feel of wise Jedi Master.

The earthly tone color also connects to Jedi Consular and Sage force abilities.

Third is the Acolyte Armor Set.

While the headpiece of the Acolyte Armor set is a bit weird because of the metallic piece that covers and protect the forehead and nose portion of the character, nevertheless its still a good armor set specially for beginners.

All of these armor sets are adaptive in nature which means they are applicable to other playable republic characters.

And the Fourth for this list is the Shadowsilk Aegis Armor Set

The Shadowsilk Aegis Armor Set is an adaptive armor set obtain from Synthweaving. 

What I like about the Shadowsilk Aegis Armor Set is that it creates an impression about Jedi specially the Jedi Consular and Sage that they can be tough and sexy at the same time.

Alright that’s it for now, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I know there are a lot of Armor Sets available in Star Wars The Old Republic, some of which can be obtain by completing a quest or from GTN or Cartel Market.

I’ll share more once I discover and found new Armor Sets that looks good and feel good for my Jedi Consular | Sage Class.

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