SWTOR: Balmorra

Arriving in Balmorra with Vette, the journey continues.


Balmorra is a factory planet. The economy of Balmorra focuses in building industrial machines. The planet itself is a huge factory for weapons and battle droids.

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire battles in taking control of Balmorra arms factory.


The presence of both Galactic Republic and Sith Empire are present in the planet, due to ongoing battle of control.

Person of Interest:

Malavai Quinn will provide assistance to your mission while on this planet. Also upon completion of the quest, he will be your 2nd companion.

Captain Rigel will unlock the story arc quest for Balmorra in exchange for some good credits and experience.

Captain Rigel

Jedi Master Mashallon

Meeting the Jedi Knight Mashallon
Jedi Master Mashallon

Jedi Master Mashallon is the investigator sent to investigate the spy of Darth Baras in the Republic.


Balmorra Arms Factory.
Got myself a new clothes as reward from the quest.
The entire planet is a warzone.
Enjoying the view before heading for battle.
A meeting with Vette & Malavai Quinn
Entering the Balmorra Arms Factory.
Before killing the Trooper.
The spy of Lord Baras.
Time to end this.
The Jedi inspector
Expect a fight after the conversation.
Malavai Quinn my hero.
Reporting to Lord Baras for a successful mission.
Malavai Quinn, confessing his true feelings for me.
The moment that I’m waiting for, Malavai Quinn offering his life and service.
That moment when he kneel.
Your Spaceship leaving Balmorra.
Fury-Class Interceptor.
Time to have a one-on-one session with Malavai Quinn.


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