SWTOR: Tatooine

The desert planet Tatooine.


known to many Star Wars fan as the home planet of Anakin Skywalker.

The Hutts also maintain the control of the planet.

The best planet for  speed racing, as seen on the Star Wars movies.


Tatoine’s native species are Jawa’s and Tusken Raiders.

One of the local species. The Jawas.

Person of Interest: 

Jedi Master Yonlach, one of the Padawan’s teacher.

Jedi Master Yonlach

Sharack Breev, your tour guide sent my Darth Baras.

Sharack Breev

Ensign Sarinte, is the quest giver for the Story Arc of Tatooine.

Story Arc Giver.

Captain Golah, is the personal incharge of the reclamation service in Tatooine.

Meeting Captain Golah.


Finding leads about the Padawan with the help of my tour guide.
The battle to tame the giant Sand Monster.
The battle with zombies. Part of Tatooine Story Arc.
I’m full of energy. Ready to engage the enemies.
The Rakata artifact.
Even the Rakata acknowledge my power.
Exploring the Desert Sands of Tatooine.
Finally meeting the Jedi Master Yonlach.
Sith Warrior vs 2 Jedi’s
Jedi Master Yonlach and his Padawan.
Jedi’s on their knees.
A Jedi begging for mercy.
Flirting with Malavai Quinn.
A new headgear as a reward for completing the mission.
Leaving the sand planet of Tatooine.

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