Eat & Drink: Dads World Buffet

Dads World Buffet

Craving for some international cuisine?


Dads World Buffet offers a wide variety of menu, for the complete list you can check their website –

I started out with some light eating, not sure if there’s a word such as light eating.

Dads World Buffet – Burgers and some bread

Honestly I don’t remember where I got them there was a whole section of bread and some burgers then there was some cheese, a whole lot of different cheese.

Dads World Buffet – Close up on those burgers.
So I have this friend of mine who told me some tricks when dining in a buffet restaurant, according to him the secret is not to drink water or any liquids before starting your first set of meals in the way you will be able to eat more and would last longer.
So I did what I was told.
1st plate in the Japan section
I was checking the Japanese section and here’s what I selected.
I’m a fan of Anime and the only Japanese meal that I had was from Tokyo Tokyo and Yoshinoya. I was amazed with so many variety to choose from.
A plate full of whole lot of different kinds of rolls

I actually don’t remember all of their names and they all look yummy and tasty.

A plate full of colors.

I find the rolls with some mango on top very tasty, it was my first time trying it. I cant recall how many of them I ate.

1st plate of meat
After my tour in the Japanese section, I took a turn and check out the section with different kinds of meat.
These cuts were very juicy
These cuts were very juicy and tasty, though I only had one plate of them because I want to try the other stuff as well.
I also tried some of their deserts, who doesn’t love sweets anyway.

There’s a whole section dedicated for deserts. I was thinking of my little nieces they would surely enjoy that section.

From chocolates to cupcakes.

There was also some local deserts available.

Overall I enjoyed visiting Dads World Buffet, they have several branches not just the one in SM Megamall.
Hope you enjoy reading this post, till my next food adventure.
Note: I was not paid by Dads World Buffet or anyone to blog about this, I just simply want to share the wonderful experience.


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