SWTOR: Jedi Consular Storyline | Tython


I’m taking a break as a Sith Warrior and taking the path of a Jedi.

Join me as I explore the story line of Jedi Consular.


Jedi consular is one of the four Republic classes available in Star Wars The Old Republic. Along side with Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular’s are force users.

In this post I’ll share the journey of the young padawan in becoming a Jedi Consular.

Arriving in Tython

To become a full pledge Jedi Consular, a young padawan must complete all the trials set by the Jedi Master or in this case the force.

– Prologue

What I love about Star Wars The Old Republic is the story line it self, each character/class starts with a prologue, very similar to what we have in the movies.

– Tython

The padawan arrives in Tython, the ancient home planet of the Jedi’s.

– The padawan

This padawan is unlike no other before her, she is strong in the force.

– Jedi Master Syo Bakar

After a sight seeing in the landing bay, the padawan meets, for the first time Jedi Master Syo Bakar.

Since Jedi Master Yuon Par is late Jedi Master Syo Bakar started with a refresher about the Jedi code until Jedi Master Yuon Par arrived.

Jedi Master Yuon Par provides the details of the first trial.

The Flesh Raiders

Jedi Master Yuon Par explains to the padawan the importance of the ancient holoprojectors and assigned the padawan to collect the holoprojectors.

– Holoprojectors

The padawan was task to secure the holoprojectors from the flesh raiders as they are vital to the Jedi Order.

After collecting the other holoprojectors and defeating the flesh raiders, the padawan discover that one of the holoprojector is missing.

– Calling Jedi Master Yuon Par

The padawan consults Jedi Master Yuon Par and was told to meet with her in her chamber inside the Jedi Temple.

The Jedi Temple

Before going inside the Jedi Temple and meeting Jedi Master Yuon Par, just a little tip, do not forget to talk to another padawan for a boost or free item.

– Hallen

Hallen is a padawan station just outside the Jedi Temple. Please do not ignore her, she will try to get your attention as you make your way through the steps of the temple.

Hallen is a bit of a talker, just endure it, after she’s done talking she will tell you to visit a Jedi Master Trainer which will earn you something.

The Trandoshan Hunter

Jedi Master Yuon Par introduce the padawan to her best friend, the trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess.

– Qyzen Fess

Qyzen explains the details of his hunts and collecting points.

The padawan learns from Jedi Master Yuon Par that the missing holoprojector was from Jedi Master Rajivari.

Jedi Master Rajivari is one of the founding members of the first Jedi Council turned to the Dark Side.

The Kalikori Village

– Kalikori village

Jedi Master Yuon Par advised the padawan to begin her search in Kalikori Village nearby the Jedi Temple.

Kalikori Village is home to the Twi’lek, illegal settlers for Tython.

– the missing holoprojector
– Nalen Raloch

With the help of the Twi’lek from Kalikori Village the padawan found the cave of Nalen Raloch and the missing holoprojector.

Nalen Raloch is considered as a hero and protector of Kalikori Village.

Nalen Raloch stole the holoprojector and learned the ways of Jedi Master Rajivari, apparently Nalen Raloch is also a force sensitive.

The Fount of Rajivari

– The fount of Rajivari
The first blade

Jedi Master Yuon Par and the padawan learned that Nalen Raloch discovered the Fount of Rajivari.

The padawan’s next trial is to stop Nalen Raloch from acquiring the Fount of Rajivari.

The padawan search for clues and obtain the hilt of the first blade which contain details on how to overcome the traps set by Rajivari himself.

– Jedi Master Jeric Kaedan

While its unusual for the padawan to take into action or for the trials to be dangerous, both Jedi Master Syo Bakar and Jedi Master Jeric Kaedan warns the padawan to be “mindful” with her trials.

Both Jedi Master disagree with Jedi Master Yuon Par, however, the Jedi Council agreed to allow her in searching for the Fount of Rajivari.

A New Companion

As Qyzen Fess offers to help the padawan in searching for clues, he was captured by Nalen Raloch.

Nalen Raloch uses the force to trick Qyzen Fess to give the clues he found.

– Qyzen Fess lost his score points.
– A new companion

Qyzen Fess lost his score points after being captured by Nalen Raloch. The padawan was able to convince Qyzen Fess to continue earning points and join the padawan as her companion.

Qyzen Fess joins the padawan in stopping Nalen Ralech. The padawan enters the tomb and passed all the trials of Rajivari.

– Jedi Master Rajivari

The padawan meet Jedi Master Rajivari in the force form. Rajivari explains to the padawan his plans and the threat that Nalen Raloch brings to the Jedi Order.

The Light Forge

Jedi Master Rajivari ordered the padawan to seek the light forge and protect it from Nalen Raloch.

The light forge is where the Jedi creates their light saber.

– Light saber crystal

The padawan traveled to the cave and defeated the monster that guards the crystal, an important component for creating the light saber.

– forging the light saber
– Light saber

The padawan found the forge and was successful in forgin her first light saber.

– defeating Nalen Raloch

The padawan fights Nalen Ralech and defeated him. Qyzen Fess was impress with the padawan and calls her the Herald and declare his loyalty to the padawan .

The Grand Master Satele Shan

The padawan returns to the Jedi Temple to meet the Jedi Council and report the result of her trials.

– Jedi Temple
– Jedi Council

Grand Master Satele Shan greets the padawan and acknowledge her not as a padawan but as a Jedi Master.

– Grand Master Satele Shan

The Mysterious Ailment

In the middle of the transition ceremony of the padawan, Jedi Master Yuon Par collapsed out of a Mysterious Ailment.

– Mysterious Ailment of Jedi Master Yuon Par
– The New Jedi

The New Jedi and her loyal companion must travel to the Capital Planet of the Republic to find cure for the Mysterious Ailment.

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