SWTOR: Upcoming Free-to-play and Preferred Changes

After a long hiatus in playing Star Wars The Old Republic I’m finally found some time to return and play the game again.

Also people behind the game are cooking something up, so I guess its time to check what it is.

Star Wars The Old Republic made an announcement recently of some few changes on the game that would affect greatly its players, and honestly I would be one of those players.

So lets check out whats happening with Star Wars The Old Republic after the July updates.

One of the changes I want to highlight in this post are the changes for Free-to-play and Preferred players. 

Lets talk about some terminologies first, if you have not played  Star Wars The Old Republic its very important to understand that there are 3 different ways for you to play and enjoy the game.

  • Subscription:
    • You can play and enjoy the game by subscribing and yes there are a lot of benefits for subscribe players.
  • Preferred:
    • Players that are either used to be subscriber or payed/ spent some money in Cartel Market.
  • Free-To-Play:
    • Players that have not spent any money and have access to the original storyline of the game.

What to we expect to happen after the updates?

  • Increase Credit Cap:
    • Currently the maximum credit cap for Free-To-Play players is 200,000 credits while Preferred players are with 350,000.
    • After the update both players will be getting an increase in credit cap, they will have both 1,000,000 credits.
  • Extra Quick Bar:
    • While Subscriber players have a total of 6 quick bars, Preferred players have 4 and Free-To-Play have 2.
    • After the update Preferred players will have 5 quick bars and Free-To-Players will have 3 quick bars.
  • Medical Probe and Quick Travel:
    • Both Preferred and Free-To-Play players have consumable amount of Medical Probe and Quick Travel. After the update they can review and use these will be remove and they can use both whenever applicable.

And with those updates happening with Star Wars The Old Republic I bet the gaming experience will be a whole lot different now.

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